Head's up.
If you want to recommend something to me, just mention it offhand and something you liked about it.

The more you push the more i'm NEVER EVER GOING TO READ IT.

Sorry. It's a brain thing.


One time hubby bought a copy of his favorite book and gave it to me for xmas or my bday. I didn't read it until 3 years later and was like "hey look at this cool book i read". N "Yeah, I gave it to you for [event] and was really excited for you to read it." Me "oh, right. Sorry. It was really good tho."

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@britvulcan I work this way both with personal recommendations and with popular media. I was actively disinterested in The Big Lebowski until a few years ago.

@lawremipsum interestingly this seems to only be for personal recs for me. But i also tend to genre lock pretty hard.

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