Hi! I'm :heart_bi: (bi), I like girrrls and girly guys. Enbies are more than friendlies and i'd like to kiss them.

For me being Bi means liking people of many genders, but having gender presentation have an effect on my attraction. Basically :heart_bi: is to :heart_nb: as :heart_pan: is to :heart_agender: in my brain, but for sexual attraction.

@hollyamory Thanks! I think it works?!? And i hope other folks like it too.

I mean it makes me laugh because I'm definitely :heart_agender: rather than :heart_nb: and :heart_bi: rather than :heart_pan:, but it makes sense to me even as I kind of break the pairing. :)

@hollyamory Oh absolutely! They are not tied together, but more to demonstrate the concept?? lolol Like i think without the analogy i'd have a harder time explaining it to folks.

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