Changed my profile from open follows to follow request required.

To many random accounts following me without introductions and not having any indication they are humans.

I'm not ok with having bots or harassers in my follower list.

@shadow8t4 I agree, but mostly because people don't have locked instances. I'm fine with open accounts in principle. and i've been running that way for a year but i've either gotten popular enough (lol yeah right) or the instances have gotten out of hand enough (looking at you m.s) that in the last month i've felt the need to block like 2-4 new followers for not being human enough to have any toots.

@britvulcan the sad part on that as well is that sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a new user or just a slow follow bot.

@shadow8t4 Or, even more concerning, the most recent one had no public toots which screamed harasser to me. If you're gonna default to private, also fine? but at least have a fucking public intro post.

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