@kukkurovaca this se + electric and maybe some extra shocks or something? seems kinda worth to not have to bring every single flat to somebody else.


Latex allergies 

@kukkurovaca soft plastics usually kinda melt? With reaction to my body chemistry?? It's just bad.

(Have had this happen with my computer mouse before.)

@kukkurovaca oh yeah that makes sense why I don't do in-ear headphones huh... (I'm still in the oh hey that has latex like too huh-stage)

I currently use sleep headphones that are over-ear.

Thanks for the recommendation!

@kukkurovaca yeah. Adhesive suuucks. It's usually dealable and sometimes gets less awful after degassing. This kind of allergy sucks a lot. Makes even socks hit or miss a lot.

@kukkurovaca do you know of any bike tape that is like leather/cotton/natural fiber primary material? I has bad synthetics/rubber/latex allergy

Bike discourse 

Bike discourse 

@June uhhhhh....

(Is very shocked at how common flat earthers are apparently..)

Bike discourse 

Bike discourse 

Bike discourse 

Bike discourse 

@lawremipsum I'm starting to feel this percentage may be a lower bound. Lol.

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