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people know different things, work 

I'm teaching some colleagues how to use code scripts for workflows. I wrote code, and they just have to update variables for their own use cases.

It is clear, however, that our understanding of programming is very different. It's fine that I have to explain basic concepts, but "if you rerun without changing anything, you'll get the same answer" was not one I expected.

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Both systems are really good. But we use Liberapay for years and we love the project :)

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Liberapay is a project where you can make recurring donations to creators, instances, developers, etc. A bit like Patreon, Ko-fi.

There are a number of unclaimed pledges that can be activated by those people setting up an account.

More info here:

#FundTheFediverse #FundFedi #FediFirst #LiberaPay

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It’s the first of the month and it hurts a little.

If you like my blog or my toots, a little donation would be so appreciated. Even a few coins can make a huge differents!

A few ways to throw a coin to your blogger/tooter:

Buy me a tea with Kofi:


(All funds raised with Liberapay will be used to offset hosting costs for my #Bookwyrm instance!)

You can also become a supporter of my blog for 2CAD a month/20CAD a year over here:

Retoots and shares very appreciated!

#KoFi #Liberapay #CrowdFund #TipJar #ThrowACoinToYourBlogger

should not be synonymous with funding, nor should it be the default choice.

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I don't bike fast
I don't bike far
But being on my bike
Is better than the car

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Alright, today's a boring travel day, so let's test the reach of this account / platform.

For every ⭐ this toot receives, I will respond with one opinion.

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things I do 

My go-to mental response for excellent toots is "oh well done" and I express that by pressing the star.

(but a tiny piece of me also wants to comment)

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So, a horse walks into a bar and orders a pint. The barkeep says, "You're in here pretty often lately. Do you think you might be an alcoholic?" The horse replies, "I don't think I am," and then vanishes from existence. You see, the joke is really about Descartes' famous quote, "I think; therefore, I am." but if I had explained this before the joke, I would've been putting Descartes before the horse.
I'll show myself out now.

food-serving technology 

Shoutout to our two bowls that cracked in half, got superglued back together, and hold up to cereal and the dishwasher.

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Is #DeCWember a thing yet?

If not, I'm challenging you to #CW every post this #December.

Get into the CWing habit if you're new, or refresh your CW skills if not. What could *you* learn from this challenge?

Don't like it? Don't join.

This is a personal challenge. No nagging others. (But feel free to, optionally, not boost un-CW'ed posts.)

Did the whole month and find it's not for you? Post however you like. You still completed the challenge and nobody can take that away from you.

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the left channel was noticeably louder than the right one, so the album was panned by critics

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Welcome, traveller! I'm a watercolor artist who loves animals, magic and stars ✨

✦ Site & shop:
✦ Art prints:
✦ Phone wallpapers, zines etc:
✦ Support me on ko-fi:

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FYI: There's an #Indigenous people server now as of last week,

Big thanks to @roag505. And, @aerynlynne made new #emojis.

#IndianCountry #NativeAmerica #AllNations #AllMyRelations

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