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suggestion for an obscure sorrow:

perceiving the default state of the world to be continuous darkness because of spending the daylight hours huddled in a dim room staring into the soul of a computer, only looking out your window at night.

Not sure how to feel about this, as I am not disabled (that's the term the author uses; I am using it for consistency). I don't disagree with the points, but it seems to lump together all corporate social media critics and mischaracterize many of their actions. Thoughts?

work, contemplative, M$ 

I was the first person to support Slack at my org, and can't stand using chat (now Teams, because M$) for real work.

Do other people have similar thoughts, or am I way off base and curmudgeonly?

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work, contemplative, M$ 

I finally articulated why I don't like using Teams (or Slack, really) for "real work." It can be great for conversation and bouncing ideas, but I hate getting tasks assigned to me in chat.

The reason is because you immediately lose context and the ability to sort and search well. If you send me an email, it gets put in a chronological queue and I can address it along with other emails. Chat messages get lost.

work, probably negative 

Started last week with maybe two or three different projects/internal initiatives.

Ending today with 11.

It's kind of silly that can't just tell me how long a feature is without having to do a field calculation. Back here because I can't get to run on my MBP anymore.

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Hey folks, it’s that time, again, where we’ve saved up enough donations to support a few open source projects. As we’ve always mentioned; we’ll spread the love to open source projects when we’ve reached a surplus in funding. For this round, we’ve decided to make 2 donations, in the amount of $300 each.

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facebook mention, conspiracy theories 

Earnest question seeking honest answers:

Are there conspiracy theories floating about among Mastodon instances? And if so, are they doing to the degree that they clearly are on Facebook?

boosts appreciated

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TW body horror, eyes (Inktober day 8, dancer) 

The Dancer is watching you! 👀
I've always loved drawing dance positions and fabric folds, so this one was a real pleasure for me!

#mastoart #traditionalart #inktober #brouillonbleuart #watch #inktober2021 #dancer #fabricfolds #indianink

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Ah yes, the four genders.

I guess we'll never know how long it takes for a UPS package to get from the middle of the country to the middle of the country.

ban cars 

If you honk at me to cross while I'm standing next to the road, you'd better believe I'm not going to cross right now.

Hope that Google StreetView car got my :gayduck: shirt.

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@floppy To add.. because the network is non-commercial (if not anti-commercial, which is a weak spot in my view), the burden of reliability cannot be put on server hosts, which are already doing a lot for the community for free.

You cannot make hosts liable for your data, server uptime and basically for nothing at all. They are free to shutdown their servers whenever they are tired of caring.

That means, all responsibility for the content is left to the user. So the user must have tools to easily backup and move his data.

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@floppy Moving accounts between instances is essential for network reliability and sustainability. I'd love to see it as a standard feature.

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