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Although I may be blathering about things that don't matter , it's partially in response to the broken world outside.

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Three main gripes right now:
- have to delete the database daily or it lags
- birdsite threads work poorly (masto threads OK)
- can't "open with account" from one masto account to another (error 404)

What's everyone else got?

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Because it doesn't happen very often, I celebrate every time somebody purchases one of my maze prints.

This is the maze called "Drought". I started drawing it during the wildfires of 2020. We were confined in our home as the air outside was over-the-top hazardous with smoke and 4mm of ash settled on every surface outside. I drew as I waited to hear the evacuation order that, thankfully, never came.

#maze #digitalart #digitalartist #mazeart

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I'm pretty sure more people remember Rescue Rangers from after school on broadcast TV rather than the Disney Channel itself.

This is a subtoot.

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Short rant about misconception of Mastodon 

I read an article where the writer is repeatedly uneasy about how conversations on Mastodon are devoid of politics, ”as if the outside world doesn’t exist.” The idea being that the birdsite is more connected to reality?

It’s frustrating to me that anyone would portray algorithm-boosted rage as representative of the world stage, and real, human conversation as non-representative of the human condition and human desire.

The world is upside-down.

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Christopher M0YNG is an amateur radio enthusiast who runs the server for other ham radio fans. You can follow at:

➡️ @M0YNG

M0YNG shares lots of posts by amateur radio fans looking for followers, so that's a good way to meet others in this field.

M0YNG's website is at and the amateur radio Mastodon server he runs is at

#M0YNG #Radio #AmateurRadio #HamRadio #Ham #HF #DX #CW #Morse #SSTV #SSB #Callsign #Callsigns

birdsite RT, but job research opportunity! 

Attention /#Transportation/#Bike researchers in academia & industry:

Would you like to be paid $150K to ponder,

❔"How many driving trips made today could have been made by walking🚶‍♀️ biking 🚴or transit🚌?"

or, more succinctly:

❔"What if cars evaporated tomorrow?"

recommendations, induction cooking, food-adjacent 

We're looking at getting an induction stove. Any suggestions for decent cookware?

We've been using these non-stick Rachel Ray pans for ten years without much issue, but they're aluminum.

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Just putting it out there that an project that includes both dates and locations would be pretty rad. I don't know much about specs, but aren't these in there already?

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I miss when we all had to be in a physical space to get stuff done, and that resulted in the happenstance of social interaction.

Like sure, I don't really want to go to Blockbuster now, but I liked bumping into friends at Blockbuster and then comparing which movies we each were going to watch that night.

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Yeah, sex is great but have you ever flipped the power switch on an original IBM PC

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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