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Hellooooo Mspsocial! Nice to meet you! I'm Josh. I like reading, gaming, and many other things.

Here are the living beings that depend on me, Kentucky cat and Louisiana cat. Kentucky is from Kentucky, has no teeth, and enjoys chasing her toys. Louisiana's origin is unknown, but that was her name at the Minneapolis shelter so it seemed like fate. She enjoys waking me up in the morning to feed her.

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I'm Josh and trying to figure out how to be a lawyer.

I have two cats, Kentucky and Louisiana.

I post about the Court, USPol, puzzles, my cats, and whatever media catches my fancy.


Wondering if I should tackle Ward 3, i.e. downtown, next or continue clockwise around the city.

What I like about this project is it's getting me out if the house and exploring.

Woops, took a wrong turn out of Ward 2 and ended up at Standish Cafe.

Okay I was trying to find a book at Dreamhaven and also needed lunch.

It's really weird, btw, to walk around a college campus, not be a student or faculty, and no one bothers you.

Not a great pic of these historic tenemants. They're in an area that is aggressively marked as "PRIVATE," which I can only interpret as meant to signal to the diverse neighborhood to keep out or they'll call the police on you. That's definitely the impression I got from the side eye from one resident.

Bartender does not know where the name "Part Wolf" came from. Website doesn't say either!

Dania Hall suffered significant burns in 2000 and was subsequently demolished. The lot is empty, save for this:

An approximate interaction.

"Good morning!"

"Hello! Would you be dining in or taking out?"

"Neither! I have a question: do you know of there's any kind of plaque around here?"


"Yeah, this was Fire Station 19 and sometimes they put up a plaque about historical significance."

"Uh, no I've never seen a plaque. I do know that it used to be a fire station. I don't know when Buffalo Wild Wings took over though..."

"Oh well! Thanks so much and have a good day!"

"You too!"

Driving through Prospect Park again it reminds me of the residential areas of Providence where Lovecraft prowled around.

Thought this was cool ice under that Franklin Ave side bridge.

Made a stop at the Franklin Avenue bridge and took some photos. Air was clean and invigorating along during the walk. Felt very refreshed after.

Impeachment Navel Gazing 

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