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Hellooooo Mspsocial! Nice to meet you! I'm Josh. I like reading, gaming, and many other things.

Here are the living beings that depend on me, Kentucky cat and Louisiana cat. Kentucky is from Kentucky, has no teeth, and enjoys chasing her toys. Louisiana's origin is unknown, but that was her name at the Minneapolis shelter so it seemed like fate. She enjoys waking me up in the morning to feed her.

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I'm Josh and trying to figure out how to be a lawyer.

I have two cats, Kentucky and Louisiana.

I post about the Court, USPol, puzzles, my cats, and whatever media catches my fancy.


USPol, Succession (not the show) 

USPol, Impeachment Inquiry 



USPol, Impeachment, Probability of Republicans "doing the right thing." 

I'm picking films for the annual New Years Film Fest I do with friends. We each throw in 10 and then vote on them. So far I have:

Last Black Man in San Francisco
The Lighthouse (if available)
Paris is Burning
Parasite (also if available)
Knife + Heart
One Cut of the Dead

Trying to decide on some others.

USPol, Impeachment 

USPol, Impeachment 


USPol, Shakespeare 


That familiar feeling that happens when you plan one thing and the party decides to do something completely different and you have to come up with it all on the fly.

Tucky cat now sleeping on lap and I need to pee.

I have "Cat Maintenance" scheduled for every Saturday and I'm here to report that maintenance was achieved.

CBF, Bill Barr 

CBF, Bill Barr 

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