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Hellooooo Mspsocial! Nice to meet you! I'm Josh. I like reading, gaming, and many other things.

Here are the living beings that depend on me, Kentucky cat and Louisiana cat. Kentucky is from Kentucky, has no teeth, and enjoys chasing her toys. Louisiana's origin is unknown, but that was her name at the Minneapolis shelter so it seemed like fate. She enjoys waking me up in the morning to feed her.

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I'm Josh and trying to figure out how to be a lawyer.

I have two cats, Kentucky and Louisiana.

I post about the Court, USPol, puzzles, my cats, and whatever media catches my fancy.


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I hit the internet after some D&D writing and now I have to have an opinion on nuking hurricanes, apparently.

Also I got a little crush on the photographer. Think he's married, though.

Also a highlight: watching my cousin go after a man she wanted and they being totally into each other.

The live band, Riverside Hitmen, was energetic and fun. A highlight of the evening was the use of cowbell accompaniment for one song in the middle of the dance floor.

Bro's wedding now that I'm done complaining about managing other people's vehicle problems:

Had my wedding prereqs:

1) Short ceremony which is also short on religion.
2) Live band.
3) Minimal children.

Incredible on those ends.

Also Nephew Took a Nap Before the Wedding Ceremony and Missed the Last Shuttle and Woke up 20 Minutes Before the Ceremony at the Hotel Across Town from the Venue.

It wouldn't be a wedding without some sort of emergency.

This weekend's headline: Marrying My Brother But Also Calling Lyfts and Cabs Because No One Wants To Download An App or Call a Taxi in the Scary City.

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My handwritten notes look like something an inarticulate child wrote.

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Mom: Aren't you excited [for your brother's wedding].

Me (internally): Vampires, vampires, vampires.

Me: . . . Yes. I'm very excited.

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