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Hellooooo Mspsocial! Nice to meet you! I'm Josh. I like reading, gaming, and many other things.

Here are the living beings that depend on me, Kentucky cat and Louisiana cat. Kentucky is from Kentucky, has no teeth, and enjoys chasing her toys. Louisiana's origin is unknown, but that was her name at the Minneapolis shelter so it seemed like fate. She enjoys waking me up in the morning to feed her.

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I'm Josh and trying to figure out how to be a lawyer.

I have two cats, Kentucky and Louisiana.

I post about the Court, USPol, puzzles, my cats, and whatever media catches my fancy.


2nd Dose Brain 

How about now?


Feeling it?

Not really. I'm often tired during this time of day.

Work with me here!

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2nd Dose Brain 

How do you feel?


How 'bout now?

Well? Okay I guess.


Go away.

Going in to the office means I cannot hide my unkempt mane by a large wireless headset.

Escaping to another city's problems by watching The Wire.

USPol, Family 

My aunt signed a petition against HR 5 (the Equality Act) because of a tortured religious liberty argument, and my mom also signed it, and I'm sitting over here all "You know I can see you both being bigots, right?"

Been experiencing lag all week in game. I have disconnected everything, dusted, and now giving it all the night off.

Legal Life 

Lawyer on YouTube: Here's a 1-3 hour breakdown of this legal issue/new filing in matter I really care about.

Me: Am I getting CLE credit for this?

Pet Death (not mine) 

Good friend's cat just died. Her name was Ruby, she was a good cat and I'm glad I got to give her many pets last week.

Where is the "cancel with extreme prejudice" option on the Xfinity website?

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Me, when Biden uses "fire in a crowded theatre" line: oh great now people are going to say Biden was lying about the First Amendment when he was instead being dumb and repeating a pat phrase about the First Amendment. Not great either but different.

*quietly* I can get fiber and it is 100x the speed of what I get from Xfinity for the same price? wot


Didn't we have many, many infrastructure weeks? Surprising we couldn't pin down the meaning during all of those.


Khloe, I turned in the Wondrous Tales idk what you want from me.

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