The year was 2005. I was fresh to Okinawa. A community member invited me over to her home--not sure for what reason anymore. She was from Malaysia but married an Okinawan. She spoke fluent English and I think was bored and wanted someone to talk to.

We were talking in her home. Her daughter was there, watching a movie. Eventually, her husband came home, joined by another man, his friend. Some time passed and eventually she and her husband got into a shouting match which escalated into her grabbing the ashes of one of his ancestors that died in WWII and tossing it across the room, where it hit a blowing fan, which scattered it everywhere.


What the shouting match actually involved, I'm not sure. I didn't speak a lot of Japanese at that point, or any Okinawa-ben. But after things had calmed down, the friend and I left.

The daughter was watching Aladdin, and I think about this incident every time Aladdin is referenced or, like today, new footage for the live-action remake drops, because it was on in the background the entire time.

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