How do I look for job?

*flails around, bumps into the wall, collapses*

@stelepami <3

I'm okay and still have my current job. I just want to look for and apply for a new one but have anxiety about it.

@densetsu I think :oh_no: is still appropriate. Best of luck, friend.

@stelepami Ty. I didn't want to panic anyone that I was suddenly out of a job.

@densetsu Very considerate of you. I kind of assumed, based on the humorous tone of your OP that the situation was as you have clarified it to be.

How's that for a h*cked-up sentence construction? (go to bed, stelepami, you've been up for 17 hours after <4 of sleep)

@densetsu just make the appropriate blood sacrifices, pray to the gods of capital, and get your friends to give you referrals, novice

@densetsu oh, those can be subbed for additional sacrifices, just a couple lambs will do

@t54r4n1 Okay so

*Work on Resume
*Get publications together
*Maybe make sure I have some recs in my pockets
*Lamb sacrifice

@densetsu yes and also talk to people in the areas you're targeting imo

@t54r4n1 "Hello, judge, do you like red wine? It goes well with the blood of innocents."

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