I don't miss Futurama from tv, but I wish I still had Zoidberg.

@densetsu Futurama was one of my "put it on and let it play" tv shows for a long time.

@densetsu you should, thus solving the problem once and for all.


@densetsu who doesn't enjoy a Jewish stereotype-but treyf! (I do miss Zoidberg in addition to the shitposting)

@densetsu but you can't go back again; it broke my rewatching to imagine the lighthearted rascally fare to be made of Trump in a quarter century, given Futurama's treatment of Nixon

@densetsu also, there are some eagles under the floorboards

@earthtopus I think a lot of it would be intolerable to me. I don't think Futurama's gender politics has aged well AT ALL for one.

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