In 2016, I was an observer for the DFL at one of the Minneapolis polls. It's a weird job, and sort of awkward. The roll has the ability to "challenge" voters. But we were instructed to make sure that procedures were followed and everyone got to vote. I did not have a Republican counterpart.

But I was so impressed with the head judge. One of the ways you could vote is if someone came and vouched for you--i.e. knew where you lived.



And there were a couple times where this judge went with a person, verified where they lived personally, and came back just so they could vote.

Anyway, I thought he was great and so today I finally signed up to be an election judge.


@densetsu I actually vouched for a couple of people I knew on my block, one in my building, one from dog walking hellos.

Note that there *is* a limit on how many people one can vouch for, but it think it's 8? 10? I will re-learn during training for the next one


@stelepami You're awesome too!

In 2016 it was 8 I think.

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