We ended up eating at Camden Tavern and Grille. Talked politics, law, and caught up. It was a lovely way to enjoy a day off!


Also in Ward 4 is the Fournier House! It has this corner all to itself. Fun fact: my fellow traveler knew a person who grew up in this house! She texted him and he was surprised it was on the registry.


There's like three designated landmarks in Ward 4. Here's the building for the Kinnard-Haines (Machine) Press Company. Cool little building that's now a private residence. minneapolismn.gov/hpc/landmark

The tower is a "Washington Memorial" and is meant to be reminiscent of the Washington monument. Anyway, here's me and the big guy.

Oh to be rich enough through fraud to put your name on a tower there sure aren't modern analogous examples nope.

I'm fairly sure I'm on a list now because I walked in here, took a couple pictures of the directory, then walked over to the courthouse and took a picture.

Flour Exchange Building. Kinda curious about Kees and the other architects involved. Their names are cropping up in these last few buildings. minneapolismn.gov/hpc/landmark

Advance Thresher is some type of dance move, I'm fairly sure.

Bacon Social House was on the bottom floor here and I was sorely tempted to grab something there. minneapolismn.gov/hpc/landmark

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