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The first week of the Hiddle is complete.

Facts learned about Tom Hiddleston:

*Went to a prep school called "The Dragon"
*Replaced Cumberbatch in Crimson Peak
*Has a cute dog
*Very little dirt. Either a good guy or has a great publicist

My Leg Above the Knee 

Barbarella, Lewd, CVG 

Also I'm glad @t54r4n1 suggested Japanese tonight because this manga, which every other page is like "oh what are we eating now?" put me in the mood for it.


Checking in on this one while her parents are at CVG. Big Church Just Came From The Pet Sematary Energy.

Selfie, eye contact 

Wicker Men (Original and Remake) 

Okay this patch is still leaking out the side. Do I remove it and repatch with something bigger, or put a bigger patch over it?

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