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Lawful Good act of the day: renewing pet licenses.

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"Alaska Thunderfuck" is a hellavu name to see in the credits of a short film.

The decision I made to keep this pie for lunch was perhaps one of the better decisions I've made all week.

Me: Will my cats be all right in this storm?

Cats (probably): Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Out for delivery!

Hopefully the movie I ordered from the UK is also almost here but they gave me no tracking info whatsoever.

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This evening's goings-on:

*Gymnastics + Crossfit
*Home to feed cats and take a shower
*Ran to get tux for brother's wedding
*Picked up Black Hammer, vol. 3
*Went to Merlins Rest and ordered a pie (didn't eat, lunch tomorrow) and a pint (drank because not for lunch tomorrow)
*Read Black Hammer, vol. 3 while enjoying the Smithwick's Irish Ale.
*Home now, writing

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Oh good, I don't have to take Lou to the vet this week. *checks that off the list of things to do*

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