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Ope, never mind. Seems I have Discovery watching planned during said time.

I need to see Lego 2 and Happy Death Day 2U, so I think I need a double header at the movies this weekend. Maybe during the Oscars.

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I feel bad saying it's been a rough week emotionally, but I felt it quite a bit in the last 24. Now worried about every interaction with my boss, which was once my favorite part of the job.

boost this and i will assign you a random obscure disney comic book character

Like @stelepami, I like the snow but I'm running out of places to shovel it to.

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I am confounded by choice paralysis regarding :knives:!

Trying to watch Ganja and Hess and friend started texting me about Timbs and that got my blood up and now I'm crabby and haven't watched Ganja and Hess.

Lashing out at friends because I'm tired and mad at other things isn't a good look.

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