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I separate the cats to feed them wet food. Sometimes I forget to unseparate them, and if I wait too long, Kentucky cat comes to me and meows. I know she just wants to get at Louisiana cat's food, but it seems sweet regardless.

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I kind of want the FFVII remake as a SNES game.

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Fitting that a Constitutional Crisis is beginning and the government website I need to work with is down.

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In other reading I did while sitting at Merlins Rest, I had the Pumpkinhead trade by Cullen Bunn, who I've really enjoyed lately when I've read Harrow County and Bone Parrish. This was okay--I found the art rather spotty. Great on the monsters but the human models varied from panel to panel. The layout was also more confusing than it should have been.

I really like Millar's "Prodigy" but am having a hard time with actually finding any narrative tension when the main character is a super genius who can account for every contingency.

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