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Signs you've been playing too much Persona 5:

*Randomly shouting "PERSONA!"
*Talking to your cat about covert infiltration methods
*Making pacts with random people on the street
*Keying into strange words in other people's conversations, like "cognition," or thinking every mention of "science" has a silent "p" in front of it

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Thought of a new podcasting project over the weekend, which was "This Week I Learned," which I've nicknamed "TWIL" in my head.

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Moved a catbox upstairs and Kentucky cat went right for it and claimed it as her own.

Lou tried to do the same a couple minutes later, but Kentucky came up to her during Lou's initial investigation (hey sup?) and that was that for the moment.

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Hub co-op on minnehaha has a tire pump and a pressure gauge outside it yeah? I am just not getting the pump I want out of this dinky hand pump.

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PERSONA 5 mug! A Shujin Academy mug, to be more specific.

Would be perfect for our admin's personal symbol though.

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I recommended to a Japanese man that he should go over to Wisconsin before he leaves next month for his home in Japan to 1) get some Spotted Cow and 2) visit House on the Rock.

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