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D&D, Curse of Strahd Spoilers 

Oh that's right, when I DM away from home I have to bring everything.

"I've spent the last 20 minutes micromanaging the litter box and now I'd like to sit on your chest." -Kentucky Cat

This Foggy Geezer beer is a lot more potent than I thought it would be.

But $3 Riverview movie with Thompson and Hemsworth is just fine.

Wanted to see Scary Stories on Thursday, but I spent too much time hunting for House of X #2 and Powers of X (Source was out), and friend wanted to see SS in lieu of session Friday (it is often cancelled). But it wasn't cancelled so I didn't see it.

Enjoying a beer at Blue Door before seeing MIB: International at the Riverview.

*runs potential combat through Kobold Fight Club*

Oh that would have definitely killed them.


Okay that will kill them less.

Today's Writing, Epstein 

I don't need a burger for dinner but I sure as hell want one.

Online Shopping, lewd 

Online Shopping, lewd 

Online Shopping, lewd 

Online Shopping, lewd 

Online Shopping, lewd 

I can't draw hot pictures in various states of lewdness, though.

I need some more Mastodon-type content rather than just more USPol bs.

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