Putting away my Christmas tree has really opened up the space in my apartment


Getting my Dune characters mixed up with FFXIV characters and coming up with "The best Raubahn"

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@divergentdave @lawremipsum equifax is the lord of horses, and has been my friend through many dangers

tired: stubbing my toe
wired: giving myself the business

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Might get into alternating between the original and remix versions of Röyksopp's "Remind Me"

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election fuckery 

@June @lawremipsum surely the Organization of American States will get involved to protect the elections

Just learned that calamari is an Italian word, not Japanese as I had assumed

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I've been interviewing people about cyberpunk, and their definitions all focus on
* people comfortable with body modification.
* a fight against the corporate takeover of everything.
* technological proficiency (one author specifically mentions being good with C).

What I'm saying is, Mastodon is already the cyberpunk future.

quar brain levels: taking a group photo in Among Us

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I think a lot about the "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" sample in The Avalanches's Gimix mixtape, and the filter drop they put on it here youtu.be/uXMVU8E50z8?t=923

I forgot to mention - they released the final level of the game last week!

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I made good use of my vacation this morning by beating Stinkoman 20X6 on homestarrunner.com before Flash goes poof

"book thickness" is a metric in graph theory, that is all

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