Going back to work today after recovering from a cold was, in retrospect, a bad Valentine's Day present for myself

Folks, I biked half a mile for a Pokemon Go thing, and my rear shifter cable snapped. It was coming apart on both ends of the tube it passed through on the fork. Oh well, that explains why it was feeling stiff back in November.

now playing "Rawks" by K. Flay on the Green Line, I approve

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As previously tooted, it was a painful experience going through parts of the individual tax forms this year, because the forms were changed in a very detrimental way for disappointing political purposes. Here's my blog entry about it: bureauphile.wordpress.com/2019

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Evening commute report: Kenilworth Trail was plowed during the day! It made for a much easier ride.

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I've updated the web page for displaying the flow of your taxes (yes, yours), at b-k.github.io/1040.js/ . Try it out and see if it helps you understand everbody's favorite Lovecraftian horror, the tax code.

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It's fucked up that they make dogs be cops

It's kinda buck wild that the Wedge Coop has better selection (shallots!) than Cub, despite being about half as big. Cub must use up their excess floor space on aisles of soda and chips.

Style guide: both "loot crates" and "@dog_rates" are pronounced like "Socrates"

Not going to the Matt and Kim concert tonight, but I'm genuinely glad we can have outdoor concerts on Nicollet without the super bowl in town, thank you based DID

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International winter bike to work day is in one week! Friday, February 8th, get on your bicycle and go to work. Or not to work. Go bicycle!

I wrote an article featuring some inspirational links on why biking is great and how to bike to work.

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@divergentdave It be feeling that the life that I'm living man, I don't control / Cause every day It's fucking 20 below 👉 👊

-28°F and 9mph, fuck boys know the combination ain't healthy

Mad about going to work, time to listen to some RTJ

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Anyway, if you're a blue line user, know that a rail is cracked and there are significant delays, and the signs at the stations aren't helpful.

They're down to one track.

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