day 22: did a brisk night ride around the neighborhood while listening to Mat Zo's "Tracing Steps" EP, which slaps

I've got a review for you of the best bike trail you haven't ridden. It's in Edina, pretty short, and it's been around since I was a kid. It goes clean through a pond, and has great views. In the years hence, connecting streets have gained bike lanes. To the north, there's a small business node, with a bike shop, malt shop, etc., and to the south, over a pedestrian bridge, (with a gutter for bike wheels on the stairs) is the public water park.

@killeveryhetero FYI's TLS certificate expired a couple hours ago

day 19: I regularly see red-winged blackbirds in the same place, here's a picture of one

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This 7-minute utopian sci-fi film, narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and animated by Molly Crabapple, is very good. It imagines a future where we decide to take climate change seriously and, through the Green New Deal, work to change everything about our society

day 16: sun's out, fun's out! It's even trolley season!

day 15: I went on an adventure as directed by! The location I rolled was in the southbound lane of 35W, so this is close enough.

Considering punching Minneapolis into this form and biking there after work

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Cyclists, here's a good article to reference the next time someone goes off about cyclists that break traffic laws:

short version: some people are jerks, it's a tiny problem compared to dangerous driving, better infrastructure and education would help

day 13: rode up to Victory Memorial Parkway on the occasion of Pokemon Go Community Day, and walked around with some friends. Most of the trails have been cleared of snow and are good as new.

day 12: took a break from taxes to do a zoop around the neighborhood

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