Thinking about the "Natural Dental" place I saw recently. No thank you, I would like to keep my unnatural fluoride toothpaste!


:oof:, I was the load bearing member of a 90-minute meeting, time for a break

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Anyway architects sure went off with using barn doors on bedrooms as of about five years ago

What do you call it when future development affects sightlines at Franklin and Lyndale?

Occluded Modi Apartments

Once again a Biking Without Barriers event has been rescheduled. Unfortunately, this time I biked several miles to learn that. I have been shown who is the boss!

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If smell-o-vision became a serious field, would there be non-diagetic smells?

Normal brain: CDs are uncompressed PCM
Galaxy brain: lead-in times in the CD table of contents are a highly specialized form of compression

Misapplying stoner culture to vaccines like "I'm off that Belgian adenovirus strain"


Got a haircut and a slice of Mesa Pizza. The mask voice I'm back baby!

They have announced the "10000 gecs tour", I am proven right again

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housing shitpost 

folkds, why are developers always tearing down old buildings to build new ones, they should tear down some new buildings and make more old buildings for a change


FYI the Endwalker benchmark is out, and it includes a bunnyboi character creator

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