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Did an OS upgrade last night, (Debian 11, 'Bullseye') and it went pretty well! I had to install a graphics driver package to get Vulkan to work again, but the package hierarchy for it is a lot simpler now. I did my usual culling of broken Python virtualenvs, and now that Python 3.9 is in the OS, I'm glad to be out of the "compiling language runtimes" game for a while. I had to change over my Docker Community Edition from using the aufs driver to the newer overlayfs driver, too.

I submitted a bug against Chrome almost two years ago, and I am very thankful to past me for scripting and dockerizing my test case, because they are just now asking if it's still present after a big rewrite this year

What if, instead of property tax, we called it capital accumulation recapture?

RNA polymerase is like "I want a girl with a short promoter and a looooooong poly(A) tail"


Today I have learned that asparagus berries exist

The museum sent me a brochure and postcard too, how delightful!

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I think Real ID gets me a "fully compliant" code in the back barcode, and a gold star on the front :pikasurprise:

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Got my Real ID five weeks after my service center visit, and its issue date was around week four. Fun fact: Google's barcode scanner app can read the back 2D barcode, but the format is configured off by default. Open settings, then check "PDF417 (β)".

FYI, it looks like marking yourself as an attendee via ActivityPub polls is not currently working :(

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Useless legal hypo: Does the federal mass transit mask mandate apply to the Minnesota Streetcar Museum?

Linden Hill's present-day hardware store is in a building that used to be Linden Hills Co-op (so that's why the current Linden Hills Co-op is way the heck out on Sunnyside)

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The restaurant across the parking lot from Great Harvest used to be a hardware store; fortunately it lasted to the advent of Street View. google.com/maps/@44.924114,-93 I recall they had a fax machine as a service there, and they'd put a model train scene in the window around Christmas.

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I have another piece of Linden Hills lore to share: Coffee and Tea Ltd.'s roastery is there, they are a very cool place to buy these two products. coffeeandtealtd.com/ They have the big ol' roaster in the store window; free smells!

I have repaired my bike, please clap. Another new shifter cable.

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