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If you, like me, have been logged into Tusky for multiple years, I recommend opening your account settings in the app, you can upgrade its OAuth scopes to enable push notifications, rather than rely on the former default of polling

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The plums
They escaped the icebox
The plums were sweet

I used the new scramble crossing between the lakes, and it is extremely good

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This week's huge business disasters have me thinking that one person being in charge of more than one company is a mistake

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There is a moment, a joyous moment, between when the staff stands ready, feet shuffle quietly, a hush and a murmur runs in the space before the giant doors creak open and the day's endeavors begin.

And this is that moment.

Welcome to Mastodon, Internet Archive.

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@xor ISSUE: rewards of being loved dependent on mortifying ordeal of being known
STEPS TO REPRODUCE: refuse to submit to mortifying ordeal of being known
WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: rewards of being loved
WHAT DOES HAPPEN: no rewards of being loved

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Lutefisk hotline: ya hey, what's the deal now?
Sven: Ya, we ran out of lutefisk
Lutefisk hotline: oh jeez
Sven: oh jeez

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musk/twitter silliness 

my twitter account was locked because I changed my display name to "Elon Musk (parody)" after he declared that parodies must clearly self-describe as such twitter.com/xor/status/1589402

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I did it! Mass media may have its downsides, but it's incredibly special to be at a band's first show in town, in a room full of people singing along with all the songs.

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reasons mastodon's "viral dampening effect" is a good thing:

👉🏻 no "main character of the day"
👉🏻 no free text searching for people to get angry at (and harrass)
👉🏻 doomscrolling is *actually bad for you* and not a thing we should be trying to replicate
👉🏻 birdsite's virality is heavily driven by actual paid advertising and bots. You think that "Explore" tab gets its content organically? really? That's not making connections between people, it's about driving sales.

Mastodon is not, and should not be, a 1:1 replacement for Twitter. But it *can* be a new place for you to make valuable connections with other human beings. #twitter #twittermigration

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