when life gives you leftover buttermilk, you make buttermilk pancakes


New gender just dropped (female Hrothgar is on the backlog for post-6.0)

I don't usually get takeout, but when I do, the SMS confirmation never comes

Rejected dating profiles: "just a two headed boy, looking for a woman to feed me tomatoes and radio wire"

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Ah, I see my pre-work travel procrastination is still in effect


The main thing the chocolate bird promotion has taught me is how hard it is to buy Butterfingers

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tfw a country station plays the instrumental from Robyn's "Dancing on my own" underneath their DJs :blobwaitwhat:

Once again my compost bin has disappeared from the alley, and I do not know why

Replacing all the maps with touchscreen directories was a decision that did not age well, as now those are shut down. They direct you to install a smartphone app instead.

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I'm here to report that, unsurprisingly, the MOA has gotten bleaker over the last year


Today I'm celebrating that I finally got people to admit that some warranty requirements came from a verbal conversation and not, say, an executed contract

A year of FOMO has sprouted into these irrational desires:
* Do a puzzle hunt right now
* Go to Festival of Nations
* Whatever the next event is at International Market Square


We used to have Tim Apple and Jim Eagle, now we have no apple, no eagle

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