Greetz to the guy on the train who was gripping and sipping a half gallon carton of organic milk

Weaponized car 

The full lineup for "BETTER NOT F_CK THIS UP - A Benefit Show for The Helpers" is out!
* Hippo Campus
* Marijuana Deathsquads
* Dizzy Fae
* Velvet Negroni
* Ness Nite
* Aida Shahghasemi
* Iron Boy
* DJ Kwey
* DJ Espada
* NewBlackCity

Proceeds benefit:
* Voices for Racial Justice
* MN Transgender Health Coalition
* MN Indian Women's Resource Center
* Sunrise Movement
* Appetite for Change
* Honor the Earth

2/1/2020, 8:00 PM, tickets linked upthread

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Fuck, y'all. My bike was stolen out of my garage last night. Please be on the lookout for a Green Surly Krampus, I think when they realize how much I've customized it they may ditch it someplace.

Today's coat of arms is sweepy bois rampant upon a field of Nicollet Mall

love too be on an early morning conference call

MN pol 

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<Ctrl-q> # Sometimes you may find your terminal window appears "frozen". Try pressing Ctrl-q. If that fixes it, it's probably because you originally pressed Ctrl-s

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Grocery store was out of the thing I was planning to bring to a potluck, I am the real troops

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I always enjoy the Song Exploder podcast, but I thought this episode on Meek Mill's "Trauma" was particularly well done and gave me a good intro to an artist that wasn't already on my radar:

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new year's resolutions 

IKEA haul: OMSORG shoehorn, KNALLA umbrella, total of $4.28

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