I just realized my Lunds receipts are two sided. How long have we had this technology???

@FireworksInMpls preview: scheduled a tweet/toot with this adorable "red white and blue" themed bingo card from the parks department minneapolisparks.org/wp-conten



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I’m swimming around in the joy I get from this dunk in which Gerald Green blows out a birthday candle.

The moment they realize what is going on is a pretty magic moment full of wonder


*extremely Live, Laugh, Love voice* Everyone is born with their own fingerprints, it's up to you to find your own public key

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Law enforcement scoured protestor communications and exaggerated threats to Minneapolis cops, documents from #BlueLeaks show theintercept.com/2020/06/26/bl

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Family Feud is Jeopardy! with a postmodern lens

Every day, I return further back to tha old me


There is little salutory to leaving the house these days



The state's monolithic IT department sure loooooves doing payment processing with US Bank

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Phew, I think I have completed my professional development requirements! Filing for 💸renewal💸 another day.

Hot take: it is good that we have gotten the cost of PV panels way down, in part through various subsidies. However, at some point it may make more sense to shift subsidies toward solar water heating and space heating, rather than continuing to install PV panels on small residential buildings. You can't transfer heat anywhere near as easily as electrical power, and since it's a heat load, you get to dodge thermodynamic limits on thermal efficiency. May thousands of plumber and fitter jobs bloom.

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