folks,,, I think we need a little more
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
and a little less
Affirmatively Furthering Father's inHeritance

Here's a doozy of a lawn sign combo. From left to right: We Thank Our Edina Police Department, Sun Source Community Solar, Black Lives Matter

Today, in baroque computing news, I was poking at a COM method that took an XPath query as an argument and returned a byte array with a serialized Protocol Buffers message

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Happy father's day to everyone except the shouty dad next door

Back on campus at the U for today, and it's all good vibes

bugmenot->retailmenot->mailer was a heck of a heel turn, ah the early 2000s

Channeling @t54r4n1 and unsubscribing from a couple coupon mailers

*extremely Neil deGrasse Tyson voice* Actually, Green New Deal is a misnomer, because not only is CO2 colorless, the absence of CO2 is even more colorless!

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@lawremipsum Oh I forgot, GitHub also makes patches of every PR automatically, see You can apply it to the working directory with `git apply`, or reconstitute them as new commits on the current branch with `git am`.

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