✔️ Full Moon
✔️ Friday the 13th
✔️ Got drunk in a castle with my fiancée
✔️ Ale Bowl
✔️ Went to a rave with techno gf
✔️ Made technofriends
✔️ Techno
✔️ DVS1
✔️ Ecstasy
✔️ Kept properly hydrated
✔️ Danced for many hours
✔️My jaw hurts
✔️Where’s my gum
✔️Why is there marshmallow on my phone
✔️Oh fuck yeah sober me packed snacks
✔️Gracefully and Sexily wrecked an enormous Rice Krispie bar on the dance floor while being extremely lasered
✔️Looked cool
✔️Did not crash, still happy


@ivyfae did you see Aby Wolf and/or The Glitch Mob? If so, major FOMO!

@divergentdave that would be cool, but no. This was a smaller probably illegal warehouse situation

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