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@lawremipsum This is a particularization of my hobby horse, "politics is more about personal relationships than you think." I think the biggest contributor is that I'm friends with more Kate/Katie supporters. Every now and then a Sheila/Aisha supporter goes off-message on :birdsite: and questions the other candidate's commitment to one issue or another, or impugns the motives of anyone not ranking their candidate first, and that kicks me right in the lizard brain.

NFT art was a mistake, we need to go back to NFC art


I think the ultimate reason I'm inclined to rank {Kate, Katie} first and {Sheila, Aisha} second is that I get in-group feelings from one set of supporters and out-group feelings from the other. Now that would be some fun discourse to light off and watch go.

@lawremipsum briefing cross-motions for summary judgement is the world's most complicated contested skill check

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I guess this makes it official?

Happy Regular Crispy Day everyone!

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@lawremipsum court orders as one of those memes where things are labeled "me" and "also me"

@lawremipsum ah, makes sense I guess. Don't like that they're doing a "respectively" on the verb of the sentence.

What is going on with "be, and the same is," in this order? Is this just lawyer tradition? twitter.com/bzosiad/status/143


Woo, got my own four-seat mount, and I had just enough MGP for it!

Four words everyone wants to hear: "top rack dishwasher safe"

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