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Beginning to think I should get a copy of this vintage two thousand and six A&B album

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I feel like there are more planes than plane hangars. If there's dangerous weather like large hail, a tornado, or a hurricane, do airlines just forecast that and make sure there aren't many planes in the area with cancellations and dead head trips?


Once again, I am asking myself to check if the brownies are done before setting them out to cool

How does Microsoft Teams not have a grimacing emoji???

dear gargron plz add enterprise mastodon feature to put "CAUTION: This toot originated from outside your organization" on federated posts ok thanks

S: some carriers will transparently stitch together texts that were split by the sender
M: carriers use "silent SMSes" as a kind of API transport or RPC under the covers for all kinds of features
S: it's a federated network (hi SS7) with only best-effort delivery

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Like the Holy Roman Empire before it, SMS is neither short, nor messages, nor a service


Oof, thinking about how the governing coalitions during my lifetime have been Clintonworld, combination oil executive and FBI, and non-ideological NY real estate guys

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Ah, I see my pre-work travel procrastination is still in effect

A parody of Brad Leone's "It's Alive!", but it's a microbiologist culturing recombinant e. coli to produce a protein for pharmacology or research


I'm a Specula Imperatoris truther now. Ceruleum fuel can't melt cermet beams!

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