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*summons memories of chemistry class* say, this sealed, expired bottle of hydrogen peroxide solution is probably swollen because it's been decomposing into water and oxygen

tired: safety is a shared responsibility
wired: legitimation is a shared responsibility

going bikeo mode
im going to become the biker
based and bikepilled

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Too much to do, all "urgent", and it's making my brain vapor lock

NFT art was a mistake, we need to go back to NFC art


I think the ultimate reason I'm inclined to rank {Kate, Katie} first and {Sheila, Aisha} second is that I get in-group feelings from one set of supporters and out-group feelings from the other. Now that would be some fun discourse to light off and watch go.

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I guess this makes it official?

Happy Regular Crispy Day everyone!

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What is going on with "be, and the same is," in this order? Is this just lawyer tradition?


Woo, got my own four-seat mount, and I had just enough MGP for it!

Four words everyone wants to hear: "top rack dishwasher safe"

I listened to the album the first time through while flying home from a work trip, so Robyn's guest voiceover as an ethereal flight attendant of the mind was directed at me, personally 😜

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