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everyday carry status:

-vial of googly eyes

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"Objectives qua pangram: flex, eschew gadzookery" (40)

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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

guess who I play as in the six-person 1992 X-Men cabinet game (I was at an arcade bar with a coworker and was able to successfully guess his player of choice beforehand, while he failed at guessing mine)

@t54r4n1 it might not be as complex as źdźbło, but this is some syllabic onset anyway

my life got a lot better when I started buying banana pepper rings in quart-sized jars. You get a couple more of the rare red or orange rings which I can only assume are considered lucky, too, which is a bonus

another fun cribbage pub story is that I used to rotate our card decks frequently but would only throw them out at the bar for whatever reason (the joke is my pal is a "card-crimper", but really I don't care for when I can tell cards apart or when The One With The Bend always gets cut to either) But we used the same deck of cards the entire pandemic as a point of principle and I threw the deck away at the end of today and that felt nice.

@wintersonata also we slept in until noon-fifteen today and I'm going down for a nap

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we went to the cribbage pub, which opened up two weeks ago, for the first time in seventeen months. A staff member come to our table and told me he'd recognized my laugh from the back.

*contented sighing*

Also @wintersonata kicked my and my friend's ass in a three-person game and it's our anniversary

(Had I previously considered it at all, I would have thought it was actually a type of cherry)

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me: I don't want to do anything today but sit around and feel vaguely terrible

also us: makes plans to have a friend come by tomorrow morning

me: time to clean the kitchen and bathroom and vacuum and maybe mow the lawn

you can see them from the corner of our lot around by the new sunflower patch and there are a lot of newish wildflowers on the sidewalk strip on that side, not bad

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the cat thought about thinking about getting worked up about it, but I got some treats out and he seems distracted

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the municipal fireworks are back baby (startled wolf noise)

the wages of vacation: we went to slep before nine las night, about four hours early, and I am up with the sun for the first time since...uh...

Portland's airport is called the "jetport", which is both great in print and sounds even better in a non-rhotic Maine accent.

I got one strike -- the second or third lifetime for me playing candlepin -- and had a high score of 89

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For some reason we are the only folks at this unairconditioned candlepin bowling alley at 3pm on a Wednesday

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> Benjen, who was…the largest eel in the study, eventually refused to climb the ramp for the uniformly measured 1.1-inch pieces of squid that all of the other trained eels received. The mammoth moray would ascend the ramp only for chunks of squid so large and disproportionate to the eel’s body that one of the paper’s reviewers requested Benjen be stricken from the statistical analysis of the paper.

'average moray eats 1 squid a day' factoid actually just statistical error. Squid Benjen, who lives in tank and eats 10,000 squid a day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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