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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

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my final Xmas present arrived; a reprint copy of "Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi III" (1983,2014) which contains Allsen's "Prelude to the western campaigns: Mongol military operations in the Volga- Ural region, 1217- 1237", which I have been looking for years and according to Worldcat is only held by the University of Leipzig

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I keep the shades open and shut them when it gets dark, which it's doing earlier and earlier. I got distracted and left one at the far end of the room partly open. As I walk by, Koala's out there on her hind legs looking up to me! So, OK, one snack before bed. But there's a squirrel on the porch, so I stick my head back to the window, and, no, she just realized I was going for the door and met me. I just got hypnotized out of my own house by a squirrel who gets both windows and curtains?

Ah, my scantron order has arrived, something I definitely thought I'd be saying in the year 2019

One of the best things I've done is cut out flaps in these seltzer boxes so the cat can sit with his body in one and his tail in the other

I then proceeded to have to show him Winamp's homepage because he professed (heh) not to believe that he could run it, since he didn't have a Windows machine, whereupon he read their motto for the first time aloud

the elided context was that he was worried that his OS would force him into no longer being backwards-compatible to 32-bit whatever and he'd lose his media player that wasn't being updated any more that he kept around specifically for FLACs that he couldn't use iTunes for. So he knew that much about computer music programs, but had never heard of Winamp. I'm still poleaxed.

oh, so this morning I was racing the finance website and a mandatory reboot that ignores my timing settings and a bored professor (he finally let his Mac autoupdate and it was claiming it would take 45 minutes to reboot; (he'd had some update process open for weeks?) Anyway somehow in the course of the ensuing conversation (which is also ridiculous but this margin is too short to contain it) it transpired that he needed FLAC-capable music apps but had *never heard of Winamp*. Strange morning.

we have separate direct deposit systems for payroll and travel/expense here; I just managed to troll one of the fussier folks in my department by referring to them as "directs deposit"

ditto Polish "pieróg" (singular) and "pierogi" (plural), for that matter. I guess it's pretty unusual to see only one of either of them...

three dinners last night and slept for nine hours. I'm so tired right now, still

you know those saltines where it's clear the sleevesworth got a few extra dozen milliseconds in the industrial oven and they're like 5% more Maillardy? *chef's kiss*

"hey, I wonder if the shelves behind these books are dusty"


yes they are

and hairy

I wonder what the smallest natural number is that lacks a Wikipedia page

Pimm's cups on the porch, Tom Petty drifting out of a college house across the intersection

67 outside; we've raked the hosta beds and put up the shades and put out and locked up the porch furniture and we're quite warm!

I put my hair up at work and am not wearing a hat and one of the profs called me "dapper"; it's good to keep expectations low

I'm tired of wearing the same two pairs of jeans for six months in a row. I'm ready to wear the same two pairs of shorts for six months in a row instead!

and you know that thing peple do where when they don't get the answer they want they just repeat themselves five or six times? Duder seemed to be having a bad day.

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