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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

I finally got nine straight hours of sleep and I am exhausted, ask me anything

I don't really keep that much ice lying around, and we keep the trays full anyway, so it seemed natural that I'd want a frozen pretzel tray instead

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regular reminder that you are not your intrusive thoughts

current contents of brain: avenged septuply

current status: cool shower, air-conditioned room, cat on the bed making biscuits

my brain seems determined to convince me that it's a Monday, since we just went back to work after a restful gap. Monday's trash night. So I'm performing the goddamn trash rituals just so that I can get a moment's peace every time I look at a window or walk into a room with a trash can (all of them)

feels good to get a full day's work in: 9:15-2:15

two hours at work at I'm already forgetting to make myself cups of tea in midsemester form

thinking about going eydropper on my 78G because of the rattle... @kukkurovaca, presuming the threads are greased, an I just take the covnerter off and fill the whole damn body with ink? This would be for a work pen that ideally I would not have to travel with

haha whoops the new chair scheduled someone to work classes at two overlapping times, I didn't catch it, and the system let me enter it

gone for nine weeks! Three voicemails, two of which were someone calling a wrong number

on the plus side, after much fussing about with bookcases during a painting project, I have successfully identified three whole books to possibly maybe get rid of

Off my novelizations are off the shelf but the bookcase is back in place! Do I put them back in alphabetical order (by author) or something else? Movie release date?

Moving furniture for painting has brought up the question, which I in no way need an actual answer to, of how many claw sheaths are hanging out on my floors at any given point in time

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Fifties this morning, first lone yellow tree across the lake

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