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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

the solution seems to be switching off "Show in column" for "Poll results" on the notifications preferences; there seems to be no way of saying "I want them, but not stickied to the top"

also, the percentage bars animate every time you refresh, quite unnecessarily

poll closing notifications now stick to the top and break chronological order of notifications, eh?

Just got settled into a recumbent position on the couch, and serendipitously got the aftermarket laptop power supply right under the ol' sciatic

I recall thinking several times, while reading in the car on the way home, about how I really should have gotten my sunglasses out of pocket before I sat down

the best part about my ocular migraines are the parts where I only realize I've been having them for several hours already

and, like, the humidity had dropped, there was no wind, and the air had a marvelous feel irrespective of the medicinal quantities of bourbon. Took a walk on a dirt road in laaaaaaate twilight with the dog. Very nice evening.

we just slept for 12 hours in a 40-degree barn under flannel sheets and an enormous pile of blankets. Fall is good

Today's work had more literal sprinting than would be optimal, but in the service of getting the hell out the door

I've drifted in and out of realizing "Motherless Brooklyn" is a Lethem adaptation

Proctoring exams! My favorite is when the prof hasn't mentioned someone will be doing it beforehand and I get to watch an entire room of frosh panic that they've somehow mistaken the room their class is in

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The Internet of Things With Suspiciously Many Microphones And Cameras

staying home waiting for a stranger to arrive several hours late and come into my house and tinker with its vitals has destroyed my ability to human temporarily

he was here long enough that I got to blow off the rest of the workday, so I am back to enjoying myself

he finally arrived and I had to turn the whole system on, and so:

I am torn between being annoyed that I am being stood up for my appointment and enjoying not being able to go into work yet

year 1 of this job: schedule all personal appointments for 7:30 am or 4:30pm

year 4: "whoops, got a guy coming to the house at 11 am, see you sometime after that"

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