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everyday carry status:

-vial of googly eyes

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"Objectives qua pangram: flex, eschew gadzookery" (40)

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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

"The end comes soon. We hear dads, grads in the deep. They are coming."

31 hours after Pfizer II and I'm cleaning my kitchen and bathroom while humming after two in the morning; watch out, it could happen to you

things abandoned on our busier sidewalk strip in the last couple of weeks: car battery, half-cart from a grocery store three miles away. It's college moveout season and I anticipate at least one argument with someone trying to abandon furniture on our corner "because it'll move faster that way", possibly with an erroneous attempt at "you're just a renter anyway, what do you care" sass

Bad dream 

Nothing but fatigue so far from the vaccine, but I did have a nightmare that I had a compound fracture in my left arm where the shot was

work just did some union busting by announcing an across-the-board pay raise for folks not on the organizing petitions.

It's a whole one percent. 🤣


today I spent $3700 on the penultimate payment on January's emergency furnace, the summer's property taxes, and my four-digit federal and three-digit state tax bills

number of days waking up in a cold sweat with nightmares this week: two

I haven't worked in a grocery store in over seven years and last night I had a "slept late and got to work late to open the store and can't get the safes open and no one will help me and there's all these groceries in the safe(?) to put away" dream right before my alarm went off; thanks, brain

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saving this knowledge for the next person who tries to tell me that one should apply scientific distinctions to the natural-language use of "monkey" and "ape"

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today we helped my mom disassemble and reassemble her backyard pond to replace an old and leaky vinyl liner with folded rubber three times the thickness, but we had to move a lot of big rocks she rings it with out and back and muck the pond out in the interim. Felt more accomplished than anything I've done at work all year. And no one fell in or threw out their back

up at mom's without my brother and nephews also present for the first time since probably August or so. Love those kids, but I love peaceful, uninterrupted mild hangover management time too

The two seasons:

Ice in drink melts disturbingly slowly
Ice in drink melts disturbingly quickly

I chose the example with the deliberate expectation that something catastrophic will undo all my work at the last minute. *goes back to swinging mace*

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Motivated to leave work early and dealing with petty work obstacles like Sauron swinging his mace at the start of Fellowship

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