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I guess my tip for childcare is make sure to stay faintly au courant with Estonian and Finnish morphophonology, I think that's definitely advice that generalizes

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"Objectives qua pangram: flex, eschew gadzookery" (40)

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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

Oliver's two sworn enemies: horizontality and not enough/too much attention

unless it is the case that an indeteminate spell has created for me a state of ocular cheatedness

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An Isengardward taking has begun being perpetuated by them with respect to the hobbits!

momentary bit of aporia over the fact that "overalls" is pluralia tantum but "jumpsuit" isn't in spite of them being kind of the same garment, jodulo (jeans modulo)

this is just to say

I am eating
the balsamic pickled pearl onions @wintersonata bought me
that are in
the icebox

and which
no one is saving
for anything

Forgive me
they are delicious
so sweet
and so cold

smoking drugs 

musical people like weed, how come I can't get a one-piece with a spit valve? Or is that just what carbs are for

tonight's Parent Drink

-1 oz bourbon
-I was going to put Angostura -bitters in but put Peychaud's in by mistake

put into a face a baby has recently farted into

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just hoisted up the baby to kiss him goodnight and he grabbed my left sideburn with his whole fist for the explicit purpose of bearing down so hard for a hellacious fart I needed outside help breaking his grip.

I love him

"Now the house was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of cat was hovering over the waters.

And cat said, “Let there be bed,” and there was bed."

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"I will used to work this job!" I say, threatening to quit

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tonight's project is illegally trying to extend "used to" into other timeframes.

I am using to work this job; I can used to work it at any time by quitting

the boy is having a fatigue meltdown and/or possibly teething and just had a long, sustained cry that petered out just like the beginning of Feel Good, Inc, which made it harder to take seriously

my glossing conventions are gibbering at pushing four am, but hááááh

"...[and] I've been walking up and down [along] this [earth, Satan says]

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otoh I fixed a fountain pen and tackled cleaning my desk and tidied up the laundry room and broke down a bunch of cardboard and put away every single dish and empty can and cleaned the sink and refilled the soap and paper towel dispensers and packed for tomorrow's trip and glossed half a verse of Job in Navajo and all at like a relaxed, neck smbling pace.

Just trying to redirect some of the midsummer energy pipeline to self and other-directed care, what with the *gestures at family*

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me, at 11:11: shit, I scared myself, I thought it was 1:11

me, at 1:11: see, this is as late as I thought it was then! I should go to bed soon,

me, at 3:33. hrm,,,

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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