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"Objectives qua pangram: flex, eschew gadzookery" (40)

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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

current contents of brain: "one must imagine Sisyphus horny"

also there was a crow pecking at a piece of pizza on the front lawn this morning too!

There is an access point into the building near a plumbing vent that allows chipmunks such as this one access to the inside of the building

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Vermont's is 100% accurate; I can only assume the same is true for everyone else cc: @wintersonata


it's weird how much this predates my current internet life, but between 2002-~2010 this arm came out over a dozen times, usually as a result of basketball-related injuries. I threw away my slings a few years ago. Guess I'll call the orthopedist now that I'm not working a retail job where I couldn't take the time for the surgery

Two hours in the ER for one (very nice) physician's assistant to spent fifteen seconds finessing my arm back into place like it's a clicky pen and back home. Some Sunday afternoon!

arm: *is fine-ish for a decade*
also arm: *dislocates while I am stretching*

45 and sunny and hell year I'm taking a stroll in a light jacket

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@lawremipsum @error_1202 @stelepami it's a flannel Christa. you cannot over-wear a flannel. it does not work that way. flannels can only be under-worn

the cat can have little a claw on my arm as I type, as a treat

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One of the things the youngest daughter has introduced me to since she started uni is the delightful world of Ridiculously Niche Ancient History Memes

I wonder what the earliest I could realistically go to sleep is

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