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everyday carry status:

-vial of googly eyes

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"Objectives qua pangram: flex, eschew gadzookery" (40)

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*me whispering to date when Grond comes on screen* that's grond

there is something endearingly human about a four-year old wading around, coming into contact with underwater plantage, and shouting "Jesus! Weeds!"

The thujas lean far out over the water to escape competition on the steep glacial slope; the deer wait for the water to freeze thoroughly and stroll along under it grazing it to uniform height as a famine food

Current status: sneaking out to scratch slowly on the screen of the exterior window while Elder Nephew is being told a scary story

My mother introducing her grandsons to sparklers and they are losing. Their. Shit.

Up at mom's. Here's a nesting pair of Brown Thrashers about to take turns eating

Probably could use a new mudflap in the back. And a new drivetrain, but one thing at a time

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fixing the front derailleur on my bike so I can access the big ring:

2 weeks of Thinking About It

five seconds to give 1/2 turn with a screwdriver I was using to adjust something else

Walking around with a 15mm-wrench in my pocket (I lost my old one) makes me remember my singlespeed days. One used to be an everyday carry item, as I used to ride a bike that lacked quick releases

does a Blue Jay also count as its own feathers? asking for a friend

week one of summers off: wow, I'm still waking up at 7:30 am and getting crazy stuff done in the mornings!

week three: tried to go to bed early and pull my sleep schedule back from 3-11 and slept from 12-11 instead

and just rainy enough that I decided to wear a rain shell, to hold all the soup in

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70 degrees outside, 84% humidity = bike soup

at least I managed to avoid shredding my knuckles or stabbing a hole in my palm on the uncapped bit of brake cable dangling my all of the wrenching I had to do

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*cursing my way back to remembering how to deal with these old sidepulls* *remembers partway through to change out of new shorts*

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