“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

-Frederick Douglass

I have two tickets to mnufc tonight. A friend was unable to go. He'll still pay me for them but if I can find someone else interested that would be cool.


It sucks when the cost of living goes up but your pay doesn't.

And then you feel guilty cause you're getting paid more than a lot of people.

But then you also feel stuck because no where has benefits like where you are

Just getting around to watching Black ish.

Slavery = non consensual gardening

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*a crush transitions*

Bisexuals: “Hahaha you can’t escape me that easily”

That feeling when the bulbs you planted in Autumn come up on your birthday

Stolen from birdland

*Tips fedora at non binary cutie*

Happy birthday to @Chelseaknits !

Keep being awesome! Love you!

I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in saying that I could listen to Nicola Sturgeon talk for hours and hours...

I'm officially back in Linux land. Give me your tips and tricks. I'm running fedora 29 with cinnamon.

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MSP Social has implemented the following features that are not in the official Mastodon codebase:

Local-only toots
"Request an invitation" button
Described-image indicator icon
500 character bios
Minnesota-flavored error messages

There's more to do, but honestly I'm impressed we've gotten this much with a non-coder admin.

Thanks to the coders that have contributed code and github-expertise: @ecogeek @divergentdave @iangreenleaf @brandon @renatolond

Just had a kind of mind blowing realization:

Vanilla is the garlic of baking.

Crowdsource help please. Anyone know anyone who has a spare projector I could borrow for half the day tomorrow?

I'm giving a training on caucuses and conventions as Saint Paul has a convention this year and I'm not sure the location of the training has AV equip.


I think this may be my favorite moment in television. Hits you right in the feels.


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