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I have the opportunity to interview marathon/ ice swimmer @emkhowley@twitter.com for my podcast this week... What questions would you want to ask this incredible woman (who, in addition to being a force in the water is also an award-winning writer, artist, and motivational speaker).

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Another Wilderman has passed… if anyone is bored with β€˜normal’ tris, come see what @ENDracing@twitter.com and North Dakota has to offer! Relays and half options… something for everyone!

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Spend where the Red heads north!
@GUPadventures@twitter.com Boathouse on the Red is the perfect place to get paddled...with kayak, canoe & SUP rentals to channel our waterways. Afterward enjoy delish dishes & drinks on The Blue Moose deck overlooking the river.

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Boathouse opens this weekend!

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We are glad to announce we'll be open today, Saturday, June 26th and tomorrow, Sunday, June 27th from 10AM-8PM.
The Red River is still LOW and SLOW, so the perfect time to get back into it or try it out for the first time!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Thanks to all of our paddle support volunteers for !

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How is this middle-aged mom feeling after 14 hrs in a kayak? (Previous kayaking record being probably like 1 hr...) Pass the ibuprofen.

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About half way there! My arms are getting tired after nearly 7 hrs in the kayak, so I can't imagine how @rose_buchmann@twitter.com feels! @ENDracing@twitter.com

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Beautiful morning! About 5 miles down and 30 to go! @ENDracing@twitter.com @rose_buchmann@twitter.com

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So excited for my first race of 2021!! Follow my 36-mile swim here: track.rs/endwet I'll be starting at 5:30AM CST tomorrow, but it'll definitely last a while!

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Trying something new tomorrow: I'll be support kayak for racer @rose_buchmann@twitter.com in the 36 mile swim race. I'll post updates to the hashtag when I remember and have time to safely do so. @ENDracing@twitter.com. Now off to bed, alarm set for 4 am. β˜•β˜•β˜•

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Jackie from Grand Forks, ND just registered for 2021 Wilderman Relay! endracing.com

Gotta move this just a bit farther east so it gets into the Red.

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Rain totals from just today.

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Tracy from Indianapolis, IN just registered for 2021 END-WET - Solo! endracing.com

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