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Running store relocates: 5 Questions for See Dick Run's Richard Dafoe trib.al/CBP5Tnc

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This headline reminds me that we're looking for volunteers for offroad Ironman in July. Get in touch! endracing.com/wilderman

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Don't depend on cell signal, because sooner or later you won't have it. trib.al/tB5FxuX

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I guess we should add some sharks and swim in April?

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NEWS: A British swim team are recruiting swimmers to take part in the infamous Farallon Islands Relay - often labelled the world's toughest marathon swim 猬囷笍


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From our Winter Preview: A writer takes a chilly dip with a group of winter swimming enthusiasts. 7dvt.co/38EVZw5

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(ift.tt/2wMH0uL) And that鈥檚 it! Winners of each race will be posted soon!! Cheers!!

(ift.tt/2wMH0uL) Last END-TRAILS/END-TOMBED Double Feature race week email that just went out, in case you don't read email at night.

Hey racers! Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. The next two mornings you can check in between 7-8. The race will sta鈥

Double Feature racers, check your email for last-minute updates/reminders!

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