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I just wanted a username that for once wasn't a pun based on my firstname. :)

This one is a very niche, nerdy reference that I will no doubt explain later, but for now all the explanation I have energy for is It Makes Me Happy.

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My spouse has a podcast. Any support to his Patreon helps us recover from a precipitous drop in income a few months ago.

I've written about the podcast here
and his link is

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edgy leftists forget that if the only thing the revolution brings is an edge, then it's going to cut a lot of marginalized people when it gets here. and probably not the ones they think it will.

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magenta is what happens if you take a compilation video of frogs screaming and turn it into a color. it's just, a lot. that said, we all need a good scream from time to time.

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what would have been called 'gender non-conforming' a very few years ago is getting very costly

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Things that make me laugh while also dying inside:

When a white person comments on a really good post by a POC on racism with, "this is amazing, call me out if I mess up!!!"


"Good job on the emotional labor, I see this. But I'm gonna throw the onus of making sure it happens right back on you, adding to your emotional labor. I won't police myself, you have to for me. And I'm not promising to respond well."

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Oh darn. Monday was the twentieth anniversary of the trans flag!

:transgender: :transgender: :transgender:

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fedi isn't a hellsite. its a decentralized federated collection of interconnected hellinstances, which together form what we refer to as the "hellaverse"

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one time an older lady pointed at my bright blue hair and asked "is that one of those pokemons"

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:lotalac: Cualli teotlac, mimichtin!🐠 Hello and welcome again to another thread about The Aztec Empire! I really should come up with a name for this series 🤔 Any suggestions? #StarTalk

Today we will be discussing a topic often brought up in media with about 0% understanding of the source or lore: The fierce and mighty gods and goddesses of the Mexica Pantheon :sugarskull:

As always: Questions and comments encouraged! And if you can spare it, please tip the writer!

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The dog started, optimistically, trying to entice me to go upstairs with him to bed at about 8pm

I was moving around the house a lot, cleaning and tidying, and he kept excitedly assuming I was on my way to bed and jumping up onto it.

But then I left the house entirely! And I came back with a new human! A friend of mine who's staying for a few days. And I got her settled in, and I'm only now going to bed at 1am. He's been agitated, not used to this!

Now he's settled too. :)

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@liamcottam hmmm nope. Men are giant babies and need to realize that there's a million more pressing problems than women generalizing about them on the internet, especially when it pertains to dangerous behavior that makes them uncomfortable. Men want to make every little slight against them into a huge deal and that is absolutely hilarious considering where the power lies in our society and how often slighting men can lead to violence. So fuck you, in particular but also men

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When all you have is a hammer, every problem is you only having a hammer

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Son told me geology is the study of time and pressure. As we walked, it struck me that sociology and economics were also the study of time and pressure. Then I started to think that maybe every life is in its own way a study of time and pressure.

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🎶 B-B-B-Becky & The Hets 🎶

(Yes, this is my Lite Swing band's new name. Send :louis_toots_too: )

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My mobile rings.

"Hi, can I speak to Claire?" Man's voice, local accent.

"Sorry, you've got the wrong number," I say in a pleasant voice.

"Who am I ringing?" he says. I think I can't have heard him correctly. I ask and he repeats it. I don't know what to say! Is it this not a weird thing to ask a wrong number?

I say "I'm not Claire, thanks," and hang up.

And? I've just had another call from the same number?

Dude! Either Claire doesn't want to talk to you or doesn't know her own number.

I have successfully changed two light bulbs in high ceilings which is an extra challenge when you're short AND blind. :D

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