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My spouse has a podcast. Any support to his Patreon helps us recover from a precipitous drop in income a few months ago.

I've written about the podcast here
and his link is

Brain *stop it*. You know perfectly well not to try parsing "biromantic" as someone who resurrects ballpoint pens.

@Canageek oh, common misconception, the space needle is actually a ufo that we impaled on a stick a few decades back. we keep it around as a trophy, to warn the other aliens

LB: I really adore Terry Jones's documentaries. It was them that I thought of first when I heard he died. He just had such enthusiasm for his subjects, and was one of the first people I saw showing such interest in everyday lives rather than the monarchs and battles kind of history that so bored me in school.

Monty Python’s Terry Jones (RIP) Was a Comedian, But Also a Medieval Historian.

Get to Know His Other Side

killing two bird with one stone by calling my non-jewish bigender partner my goyfriend

Cute. Cute. None of you are free of adorable

uni + 

P McG just closed my laptop and sat on it so I would pay attention to her instead of Netflix

amazing how in our short time in this universe you have the opportunity to look cute as beans

Trans Lifeline needs volunteers (US & Canada), also two paid positions 

"Cinco de Drinko" makes me irrationally angry because not only is it racist but "Drinko de Mayo" was right fucking there

The coronavirus is what makes white people put on sombreros and post facebook statuses about "cinco de drinko" on the fifth of May

Chidi says he's going to learn to play the guitar so Eleanor will think he's cool. She says "I actually prefer drummers."

I mutter, "Imagine preferring drummers!" because I'm dating one and I love him so much.

My friend says, "Well. They have strong hands."

I grin. Not just because it reminds me of some Things; it is actually something I've always liked about my drummer.

This seems quite a Mastodon feeling


Some people think creating and posting a meme is a waste of time. "Why bother?" they might ask. "For fake internet points?"

Internet points are nice, but that's not why. It's for the connection.

Someone gets you in this vast world. Understands you. And, sometimes, that's all that matters.

Check out the artist at or

Image by tigerbarf, via The Body Is Not an Apology

"Your disability is the direct result of society's failure to accommodate the entire spectrum of human existence, NOT a flaw within you."

The Radical Copyeditor’s Style Guide for Writing About Transgender People
I really like this. Probably won't be news to most people here but it might be useful if you want to describe or explain why particular language is better or worse than other options.

I'm especially keen on the shift towards "binary and non-binary trans people," away from "trans and non-binary people" which makes it sound like non-binary is a different thing from trans.

ohai frens not from the south:

u need to understand that the south is composed of communities of people of color, queer and trans people, and disabled people, as well as vast natural ecosystems, which are all being held hostage by a system that wants them dead and the land despoiled in the name of profit.

make sure that your words and actions are in solidarity with marginalized people and with ecosystems.

if i have to describe myself on a butch/femme scale, i guess "futch" is best since i don't feel particularly good at or comfortable with being either all the way

i haaate the word futch though, it sounds so gross

we should combine femme and butch in another way, like... fetch

or bumme

hm. maybe not either of those ones

Hey, so I want to #decolonise my #pedagogy and as an aid to that I created a wikipedia list of #electroacoustic #composers
of colour.

Please add missing names!

Obviously, there are a lot of great composers of every race, but the text books that I've read have not necessarily reflected this fact and I want my students to be better informed.

#Music #HE #HigherEducation

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