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My spouse has a podcast. Any support to his Patreon helps us recover from a precipitous drop in income a few months ago.

I've written about the podcast here
and his link is

I keep looking at this selfie trying to decide if I really like it or really hate it. I'm not fishing for compliments, I genuinely cannot tell. Which at least amuses me. :)

Now I'm just sad I got milk for Spouse there, but totally forgot to get a fizzy drink for me. I am why I can't have nice things. :)

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The corner shop is now operating out of a hatch one of the front windows has been repurposed into, so no one has to go in any more.

It's pretty great, I'd shop like this all the time if I could! Just tell people what they want and they have to go find it and bring it to you is a blind person's dream.

It was so much like a late-night petrol garage that it was all I could do not to ask for ten Kit Kats and a motoring atlas, though.

I've been earwormed ever since.

Today at work I held my employer's phone up in the air, facing him, so he could use both hands to read "Dear Zoo" to small children on a video chat.

Yoga positions about holding your arms in weird places suddenly seem much more relevant.

@Thomas language diversity is both a gift and something that ruthless TV homogenization cannot kill

RT 🔐: The Coronavirus Bill removed the statutory obligation to provide social care to disabled people. We'd like it back. Please sign and share.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #disability #petition #UK

white people assume they’re good and good people don’t do racism but the thing is that racism isn’t just “being bad”

Europe has lost one of its Greatest today: Manolis #Glezos, Greek resistance fighter who climbed the Acropolis and tore down the swastika together with his comrade Apostolos Santas in 1941, has died at the age of 98.
May he rest in peace. 😿

accomplishments are nice and all but they have nothing to do with whether or not you deserve to live or be happy

someone called the cops on my family for "being in violation of the shelter in place orders" 🙃 i had to explain to two very pissed off, gloved, masked cops that we weren't having a party, we live in a generational home and we're just loud people

so that's my day. fuck cops and fuck white people.

it’s real important to give yourself credit. it’s really hard to do that in a lot of cases for so many reasons but sometimes you just need to stop and look at everything you’ve done, everything you’ve gone through, small things, huge things, things people know, things they don’t, & see that you’re here.

"Trans Day of Visibility" 

@Jewbacchus gender just isn't race, she's lazily transferring arguments abt anti-Blackness without caring about why blackface is actually bad or what the actual historical context of blackface is, versus transvestism and gay gender performances

RuPaul's Drag Race is a conveniently-specific target because RuPaul has done and said some fucked up shit and the show has contained some fucked up things. however, she's making an argument that mars all drag queens equally, and is equally easily applied to trans women

misogyny from gay men is one thing; misogyny against gay men is another. gay men's gender transgressions are always cast as regressive and sexist, and never taken seriously as sincere expressions or substantive critiques of gender — and, in the case of Black drag queens, many of them trans women, historically often also specifically critiques of bourgeois white women, who make up the vast majority of TERFs

gender assignment is coercive. gender play is liberatory

"it's just so beautiful, they look like *bird leaves* "

– my brain, to gf, trying to compare the snowflakes outside to feathers

don't get nostalgic for "the way things were" and a "return to normalcy"

figure out what you're being denied now that you weren't before, think about who lacks access to that even outside of times of crisis, and fight to ensure they get it too

this is proabably my favorite cookbook, and its totally free.

its called “Good and Cheap”, and all of the recipes in it are designed so that they can be made on food budgets of 4 dollars per person per day

if you’re trying to save money and want some new recipes, i can’t recommend it enough. (even if you’re good on cash, the recipes are really good! and its free!!)

*jumps up onto table and stamps foot* stop fucking correlating afab ppl being trans men and amab ppl being trans women with the """maximum amount of trans possible""" and acknowledge that everyone who falls outside the cis definition is trans regardless of how much they may appear like or align with their agab. fight me assholes

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napped half the day
still waiting
in the autumn evening

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