Hubble took a bunch of great pictures of Jupiter that got made into a flat stretched-out map of the entire planet.

The headline is that the Great Red Spot is (still) shrinking, but actually I just love looking at this rectangle. It's like a flag of Jupiter!

Also here is an animation made from that map, which I definitely didn't watch a bunch of times this afternoon. I just love Jupiter.

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uses food as a metaphor, but actually just about Jupiter 

I was reading about those Hubble pictures of Jupiter and why the edges are all fuzzy, and telling Spouse what a shame this is as it means the animation doesn't show the poles and the poles are so cool. "They're all blue and swirly!" I said.

I showed him an image search result for this and he said "that's just a blue cheese!"

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I used to have one of these blue swirly cloud pictures from Juno as the wallpaper on my phone. I just love that we had no way of knowing this before but yet Jupiter has looked like this the whole time. This big ball hiding its bright colors from us.

(I've reverted to being a normal person who has a cute picture of my and my boyfriend on my phone now but before that it was all Jupiter and Enceladus and other stuff from Cassini.)

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Here's another cool video about the Hubble pictures of Jupiter/specifically about the Great Red Spot.

The explanatory text is printed and not spoken so it's not the most accessible, but if you can put up with that it's pretty nice.

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I think Saturn's polar blue is seasonal. I wonder if Jupiter's is too.

@error_1202 I still use those Juno pictures as desktop backgrounds… 😄
Do you have a high-resolution link for that first picture you posted?

I've seen on a docu about the travel of the Cassini probe, interesting. But i don't see the whole film, only the minutes.

@error_1202 looks like a giant whale to me (the storm is the eye and the lines to the right of it are where the mouth is)

I uhhh, turned it into an abundance talisman lol whoops?
Eye contact tho

@error_1202 This would be very good printed on a fabric wall-hanging.

@error_1202 Looks a lot like that time I got really into painting sandstone videogame assets.

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