Tired: bathrooms segregated into two groups: Men's and Women's

Wired: gender-neutral bathrooms

Inspired: bathrooms segregated into two groups: People who Leave the Bathroom in a Clean Usable State, and People Who Don't.

@error_1202 we have two gender-neutral bathrooms on my floor, and one of them has sort of tacitly become The Bathroom For When You Know You're Going to Take a While

@Pixley I don't even mind that! This toot was inspired by using the gender-neutral bathroom at my uni where just...all the stalls are unusable in different ways: clogged, covered in questionable substances, toilet seat is broken or has somehow disappeared?

Like I didn't realize I was asking a lot to have those things not happen.

@error_1202 turns out people of all genders and no genders can be gross weirdos in the bathroom (the toilet seat disappeared??????)

@error_1202 Possibly Venn Diagram Bathrooms

People who Chat in Bathrooms
People who leave bathrooms in a Clean Usable State
The intersection Bathroom
And the out-set bathroom (out-house!)

@a_bun @error_1202 drinking coffee on the shitter all night, then cleaning up after myself, to raise my bathroom ELO

hiring someone else to shit on my behalf to get me out of bronze bathrooms

@error_1202 I have suggested in the past that my supervillain origin story will be one bathroom vandalism/mess/mysterious-foulness too many. "Do you wish to be sent to remedial preschool, again? No? Then kindly Wash! Your! Hands!"

@error_1202 I've seen "people who will sit down" vs. "people who won't sit down" suggested (as an improvement on "everyone") for broadly similar reasons

@Tak @error_1202 We have a sign in our WC, left over from a sprint: "Please sit down everyone, men, women and cybersquirrels!" (we've never had people of any genders except those in the house as far as we know)

@Tak @error_1202 Several cis men and women, one trans woman, not sure about the cybersquirrels.

@error_1202 Honestly, there should be a national database of bathroom cleanliness offenders. If we're going to go full police and surveillance state anyway, start with what matters!

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