"Holly was single this summer and able to devote all her energy toward herself."

Ah, I see she's a Lizzo fan too.

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Seriously, though, it's so rare to see fatness talked of as a positive thing in any context that lines like ""It's almost like the river got higher when Holly went in the water to catch a fish," or "after she gives birth in the den her pudgy rolls will be converted to nutritious and fatty milk for tiny cubs"...feel profoundly weird, and great, to read.

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My new favorite thing about this is my freidmd who saw me talking about Holly winning the fat bear contest and didn't know I meant an actual brown bear and not the kind of people who are called bears and was like "ah yes, Holly is a gender-neutral name."

Now I want to be the fattest bear called Holly. :)

I've got two of those things easy, but I'm not hairy enough or tall enough to be a bear, sadly. :)

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@error_1202 you don't need to be furry to be a furry. 😘🐻

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