It's World Mental Health Day, let's get rid of the fascists and the people ruining the climate.

Let's stop Brexit and impeach Trump.

Let's give everyone an income. Let's give everyone safe places to pee.

Let's fight for acceptance and support for trans folk, POC, neurodiverse and marginalized people of all sorts.

Let's get good healthcare for my fellow crips and everyone else along with us.

I'm so beyond 'meds are ok, reach out, talk to someone.' Mental health needs so much more than that.

@error_1202 This is a map of the timeline screw up that we are now on since the immense accident at the LHC in Geneva.

You say, there was no accident at the LHC? That's because we are all on THE WRONG FUCKING TIMELINE. The right one is the one where Geneva is a smoldering crater.

God dammit. ;)

@anarchiv I've seen other stuff along these lines here on masto but only after I wrote this. Honestly I was dismayed how many platitudes had followed me here.

@error_1202 I'm mostly glad to see issues like this being dealt with in a broader, socialist context, which... rarely happens anywhere else

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