I'm not at all surprised and it's the responsible thing to do and I don't know if I could have gone anyway but the news that the :statefair: has been canceled has made me really sad.

It calls itself The Great Minnesota Get-Together and that's always seemed like such a hokey slogan but now "getting together" feels half evil and half mythical and I hate that. I hate it so much.

I'm really impressed with how the guy in charge handled it, though:

Hammer said the board had heard feedback from fair fans along the lines of let the healthy people go. “That's not who we are and that's not what we do,” he said. “It's got to be accessible to everybody. And a significant number of folks have some sort of health risk, some sort of compromised health.”

"We all love the fair and that's exactly why we can't have a fair this year,” he said. Bless him.

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We're gonna see a lot more "let the healthy people go" bullshit as this wears on and it's nice to see it shot down already.

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@error_1202 that's such a classic Minnesota response to people clamoring to exclude people, it's beautiful

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