"The end goal of non-binary liberation is not being understood by medical gatekeepers but having no medical gatekeepers, not by having X on our passports but having no passports and no borders, not by outlawing job discrimination but removing the need to work in order to survive and have a fulfilling life, absolutely not by considering non-binary prisons but by abolishing police, prisons, and all forms of carceral and punitive “justice”."

@error_1202 "In the Anglosphere it is becoming more and more apparent that we are moving beyond the ‘gender binary’ and more towards a gender tertiary, with three distinct gender categories rather than two."

Oof, I just had to pause there for a moment.

@zigg Yeah... It's no shade at all to the non-binary people I am close to, but I do get this feeling sometimes. It's one big reason that while I don't argue with non-binary when people call me that I never use it as a label for myself: it feels like just another gender that I do not have.

@error_1202 Mmm, I can see that.

As for me, being someone for whom a feeling of flexible, floaty, unknowable gender is important—the truth in that sentence to me was that people are trying to draw lines around the Men (y’all go over there), the Women (y’all over here), and the Non-Binaries (we don’t know what to do with you exactly but by gosh we’re gonna classify you anyway).

I do like the camaraderie of my enby sibs. But gosh, the idea of “now there are Three Genders” just makes me cringe.

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