Here's my guest blog post about the difference between going to Hamilton live with no audio description and watching it on Disney+ now with it.

Having just been writing academically about audio description these last few weeks, I enjoyed getting to write about the emotional and personal side of the subject.

@error_1202 excellent. i enjoyed that very much. wonderful perspective into AD.

@error_1202 Very well written! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I was a bit sad that they Holly/she/her'd you, but I did cheer for the inclusion of Cosmo in the byline.

@stelepami Though I signed all my emails to them "Holly Cosmo" or "HC," I suspect they were overly influenced by the fact that my display name is still just "Holly" (I won't change it because I email my parents with that address and don't wanna be out to them).

Also one of the people running that blog is called Holly too so that might also have had an influence on Holly being forefront in their minds. :)

I specifically asked for Cosmo to be included after they kept addressing me just as Holly.

@stelepami and she/her is still fine, all the pronouns are fine :) But yeah it does seem weird to see online, the place where I am least "Holly" or "she/her" these days.

@error_1202 I think the combo of Holly and she/her twice was what really twigged me as sad. Better to switch it up on pronouns!

@stelepami Yeah that did seem kind of jarring and weird to me too. :)

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