“By gender freedom, I do not mean we all get to choose our gender. Rather, we get to make a political claim to live freely and without fear of discrimination and violence against the genders that we are. Many people who were assigned “female” at birth never felt at home with that assignment, and those people (including me) tell all of us something important about the constraints of traditional gender norms for many who fall outside its terms”
- Judith Butler


(CW for the linked interview in that the interviewer is “gender critical”... but also recommended if you want to see her getting increasingly frustrated by a thoughtful interviewee who’s having none of it.)

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@ghost_bird that interviewer is so hateful. It was satisfying that Butler didn't let her get away with positioning TERF bullshit as mainstream though. And very eloquently, too.

Honestly the interviewer's questions were so slimy. 🤢

@vicorva That’s what the New Statesman’s like these days, I’m afraid. I remember the Twitter fights that started them heading that way, eight or nine years ago :-(


@ghost_bird @vicorva My Spouse and a friend or two have called it The New Transphobe for years.

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