Hey, @ people who use screen readers/image descriptions:

Do you prefer long captions that describe every element of the image, or shorter captions that just cover the important/relative bits? or something else?

I'm trying to get better about writing image descriptions and wanna know what's most helpful/useful 😅


@serioussalad It depends. When I'm writing descriptions I find it most helpful to think about why I'm sharing the picture. Is it to illustrate a point, tell part of a story, show off a selfie or my dog, whatever.

Some photos have more salient information than others, and that's okay. Just tell us what you want us to get out of the photo: is this selfie about your new outfit or your hair or your pose or the background, or any combination of those things? Tell us why you care about it.

@error_1202 @serioussalad that’s what i do too, but we need some voices from the people who the descriptions are for to validate this position. (or not, if they end up saying this approach sucks)

@zensaiyuki I am one of the people the descriptions are for. I'm partially sighted and I make use of them all the time. That's why I answered the question, because it's the opinion of prior who use them that was being asked for. @serioussalad

@zensaiyuki Thanks. Other voices are sure welcome too; visual impairment is wide-ranging and can include mutually contradictory access needs, and of course people are always going to have their own preferences. I'm just one person. :) @serioussalad

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