HRTversary thoughts 

Today (Saturday) is my 2 year HRTversary.

Thinking a little tonight about how monumentally unhappy about my body i was two years ago.

And how incredibly different it looks, and feels to live in, now.

I still have a hard time with a consistent mental self-image of anything other than the adult body I got used to seeing over decades.

But looking at myself in the mirror even just these last few weeks I actually believe I see a different person. A woman.


HRTversary thoughts 

@squiggy I'm so excited for you and feel so lucky to have known you through this part of your life.

@error_1202 @squiggy I absolutely did not realize that by setting up a Mastodon server I was running a node on the most powerful transification network ever invented, but here we are.

@lawremipsum I'm puzzled that Eugen hasn't yet come out, TBH. =:)

@porsupah while that would be fitting, I also sort of relish the notion that it was all just an incredible blunder by some cis person who *thought* he was just coding up some communications protocols and web interfaces, but accidentally wrote software for crushing the gender binary.

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