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Fedi leftists: "do not celebrate, getting rid of one fascist means nothing and is no help!"

Brazil's fascist president Jair Bolsonaro: "I can't even be bothered to run for re-election now."

Brazil's Workers' Party lawmaker Erika Kokay: "Trump's defeat is a historical defeat of far-right fascists, racists, and deniers of the pandemic and climate change. Hate did not prevail!"

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I'm also hoping it'll take the wind out of the sails of some of our local fascists. It's nice that Biden has been clear in supporting the GFA.

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@error_1202 my friend from brazil was banking on trump losing so that bolsonaro could go. the domino effect

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@CaribenxMarciaX @error_1202
I was feeling similar in hopes of curbing the Tory british government and forcing the usurping of Johnson / Cummings.

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@mxsiege @error_1202 'there can be miracles
if you belieeeeve'

but for real

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@CaribenxMarciaX @error_1202 yeah, like seriously, so many political positions internationally were built on Trump in power and toadying to that. The UK gambled that they could break international law and endanger the good friday agreement because the US was now isolationist.

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@mxsiege @CaribenxMarciaX Yep I've heard a lot of people say that. Here's hoping! Just seeing how sad it makes Nigel Farrage has got to be good for the national psyche.

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@error_1202 @mxsiege honestly

maybe we will see the back of them. but we have to be prepped for a war on the street too. i mean, i didnt leave the house for days after brexit vote bc i was scared and it was the right choice. we have to be vigilant

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@CaribenxMarciaX @error_1202 yes definitely. I have been thinking a lot to conversations 4 years ago with friends talking about how unsafe they felt outside after the US election.

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@error_1202 Fedi leftists have a truly staggering lack of any perspective beyond the end of their nose.
Hell yes for Brazil!

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Fwiw, there is what I think an important, less exaggerated take from the left: defeating Trump is good and worth celebrating (I know I'll be celebrating once all goes through), but also there's a real fear that many will dust their hands off and disengage from politics entirely until this flavour of crisis rears its head once again, either through right-wing violence or the shift of the Overton window that'll still be relevant in 2 and 4 years. What kept Trump in check was in large part intense organizing from the left (goodness knows neoliberal Democrats hardly stood up to him in any meaningful sense), and the possible dramatic fading of that energy could create an opening for a still apparently resurgent reactionary right. There's still a long march in front of the left, and I think we fear losing our newfound allies, which could result in greater horrors for us all later.

I think people are scared that we won't finish the repulsion and turning of our enemies with a charge, giving them time and space to regroup for a renewed assault later. Our moment's now, and we want people to continue to strike while the iron's hot.

Perhaps you know this, and perhaps you've just been seeing some awful, frustrating takes; but I figured I'd put this perspective out there as a small pushback to consider, just in case.

@cephie I do know that and I do see that people are scared. There are reasons that the celebrations should be measured and tempered. I have BIPOC/disabled/queer/etc friends who aren't rejoicing too and I respect that. It's not them I'm talking about here, it's the people saying that celebration can't happen if work remains to be done.

Yes, SO much work needs doing and there's no guarantee it'll happen. But it matters that the work feels possible now in a way that it didn't before.

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Fedi leftists: we've got to deplatform racists

The USA: deplatforms the racist president whose twitter account has been used consistently to do harm and which will probably get deleted the instant he leaves office

Fedi leftists: …you know, it's not like this changes anything

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@error_1202 did bolso really say that? sounds off-brand for him.

in any case yes, Trump's loss is a big deal for us Brazilians. not only for the impact it's likely to have in our own elections, but also to isolate Bolsonaro's government in his human rights violations, ecocide etc. The Trump administration was their major ally/enabler, hopefully the Democrats will be smart enough to see advantage in distancing themselves from the would-be tinpot dictator doing awful things.

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@elilla He didn't quite say in so many words he's not interested, but it seems to be strongly inferred from. I don't know, there's probably more nuanced reportage that's not in English.

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@error_1202 I looked a bit but all I could find was third-party reports that he's depressed about it and doesn't know how to approach a Biden govt. his twiter is quiet, and in some cop event he made a speech with some bull about neither Trump nor him being the most important one but God is and in certain moments one must be humble and rely on God for support, and so forth. that it affected him is clear 😌

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