New Spiderman video game has a Black deaf character, sign-acted (with supplemental voice acting) by a deaf actor, with additional deaf consultants to hopefully avoid obvious abled and English-centric mistakes in the portrayal.


At the end, where the article talks about that voice acting of the signed conversations, the writer says its "for players with low visibility."

I couldn't stop giggling at this. I told my boyfriend "I'm not blind, I just have low visibility! Am I transparent? Can you see me?"

He said "yeah, Gary has low visibility," because Gary is sleeping under a blanket right now.

Just...say "blind." Say "visually impaired." Say "disabled." Don't be afraid. Talking around it is so much worse.

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Maybe it's because I'm bisexual. Bisexuals are well known for being invisible. We have only one day of visibility a year!

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Me, confused, looking around: Where is this toot coming from???

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