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There's still time to apply for #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2! If you're a #writer or #artist and want to join, just DM me your ideas, and I'm more than likely to accept it!
If you can't do a full story, make a cover! Again, just DM me with your ideas, and we'll go from there!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

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This afternoon I lost the game where I believed the bus stop sign and waited for a bus that repear lied about when it was coming and thus passed by several which would have actually got me home earlier after all.

In conclusion, I really need a bike.

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People talk like blocking fascists automatically turns any space into an "echo chamber". The fediverse we've built up over the years is proof of the contrary. I've learned and grown through this place. I've been able to apply that knowledge in real life. We've got something real here, and I think it's with fighting to preserve.
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Apparently kids find nothing on a desktop more exciting than a terminal window with a blinking cursor 😂

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Muttered “remind me about the Bogomils” and reached for my phone, in two seconds had a refresher and could return to reading.

We live in the future. It’s so amazing.

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Military history blog by Angry Staff Officer. Good history, funny and well written. He sometimes writes military analysis of GoT and stuff, too. He is here talking about a Polish engineer in the US revolution.


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Climate; Who's who Show more

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It's getting more and more evident that we need to give back the land to the native folx, who've been oppressed and persecuted all over the world for centuries, in order to save the earth.

And then white colonials need to fucking learn how to live WITH the earth.

This is basic survival.

(is getting more and more evident because I'm learning more, but I've definitely been feeling this for a while)

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The #florespondence tag is one of my favourite things at the moment. Please keep it up, everyone 🌷🌺🌼🌻🌸

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A Story of the Whitebro's Journey Through Mastodon Show more

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amelie is what happens when you roll a nat 20 on a quirk check

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PSA for noise-sensitive folks and pet owners in the US re the 4th of July (OK to RT) Show more

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I'm always bad at these so it's bulletpoint time
- Queer Desi
- Radical anti-racist
- Anti-fascist
- Anti-colonialist
- Linux enthusiast
- I like crypto I guess
- Desi callout™ individual
- Will tag just about everything that could potentially upset people

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Drivers should follow the law. Especially on a street like Nicollet Mall, which bans cars.

RT @nickmagrino@twitter.com


🐦🔗: twitter.com/nickmagrino/status

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Hey #mastodon wouldn't it be nice if opensource.com showed solidarity by featuring a mastodon social button on each article?

Well, that's what I suggested and as of this morning- that's exactly what they're doing!

Sample: opensource.com/article/19/6/wh

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i hate it when surveys are designed by people who have cars.

when i ride my bike to the park, is that "for transportation" or "not for transportation"?
i am riding my bike to the park because it's what i have and i want to go to the park. but also the trip is part of the leisure activity, so is it not transportation?

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