Spouse finished sewing me this beautiful green linen tunic! She hand sewed every single stitch! I did the historical research, design and pattern making. It fits great! This is for a an early Medieval Celtic persona in Society for Creative Anachronism. I imagine I'll be wearing this for mundane clothes, too, just a tad eccentric. I suppose it looks like a dress.


I could live in one of those, for everything outside the gym. :)


I got to wondering as to whether or not it would interfere with your bike.

@RussSharek I ride a recumbent tricycle so I don't have to worry about the skirt getting in the top bar of a an upright bike. Plus, I can use the period appropriate method of getting ready for physical work by rucking the sides of the skirt into the belt. And I'll be wearing knee lenth or long trousers (braccae) underneath, so I won't flash anyone as I ride.


Every angle of the problem covered, so to speak. :)

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