I won a prize for sewing!

Spouse and I entered the purple linen pillbox (pileus pannonicus) hat into an online Arts and Sciences contest for the . We won the Northshield Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences award. You can see our entry here:

Brixia Argyopennos and Radeswinth Altdorfer - Pileus Pannonicus.

Spouse also won a gift certificate from her work for a pandemic arts contest.

Check out Isabella Tinker's Korean Feast Cookbook! It's seriously cool and she worked really hard on it and won a prize for Best of Taste.

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Thanks to all of you who faved, boosted or commented on the pileus pannonicus live toot. Your enthusiasm for our foray into hat making inspired us to enter the contest. 💚

It's nice to win something, because we never win things. But it's even better to share things with people who get excited about the stuff we're interested in. :P

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@ewankeep you have a lot to be proud of, both of you are so talented!

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