Found an interesting free eBook site. Standard eBooks takes public domain books from sites like Gutenberg and Internet Archives an then gives them a massage; typeography, spelling check, real metadata, modern eBook formats and more.

Here is a link to Henry George,'s , 1881 'Progress and Poverty'. George was an influential economist and proposed a single tax on private property, to fund public transportation and a basic income.

See also:

@ewankeep OOOOOH! I just downloaded three volumes from Gutenberg right before seeing this toot.😅 Will definitely have to check this out.

@MrFesser Lol, yep. I found right after I downloaded some stuff from the Internet Archive. I'm so excited to see a group of people involved in this project.I mean, I love public domain books! But let's be real, formatting issues plague many of them. Standard eBooks doesn't have as much stuff as Gutenberg or Internet Archive, but they'll be the place I check first!

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