I put webbing straps on the lid of the plastic box on my bike trailer. I can now bungie things to the lid. Picture shows bungies laced onto the lid of bike trailer. The hooks go through 2cm/1" steel rings which are attached to bright yellow webbing. second pic is of detail of underside of lid where I dremmeled a slot through a plastic ridge for the strap to go through. Trailer and lid are still waterproof.

Today i rode to the local city park with my sweetie and we put up hammocks! Picture is of my spouse in a yellow cap lounging in a blue hammock. She is reading a book on her phone. My brown hammock is behind her, and behind that are our recumbent trikes in tandom mode. Our hammocks are on portable stands - state parks in Minnesota don't allow you to hang your hammocks from trees and we eventually want to tour.

I went to FreeGeek and took some stuff apart today!!!

selfie eye contact - haircut day 

I have 3 pairs of free cycling socks (women's medium/men's small). I got a mystery pack of 6 socks from DeFeet and don't like these 3. If you live in msp/sp within 10 miles of Lake & Chicago in S. Minneapolis I can bike them out to you. Or you can pick them up. DM me if you want them.

Kitty in a blankey cave. White kitty with brown tabby spots on head is snuggled into cave made of a sleeping bag and wool blankets. She is calm and composed.

Here is the project Spouse finished this weekend. She made a holster for her new Leki hiking cane that connects onto a molle pack frame i made her. She used the yoke off one of my old jackets for the blue fabric. Some old pill bottles have been fitted together for the internal stiffener. Black webbing is sewn on the outside of the holster and is used to connect it to the pack frame.

I made this watch fob for my sweetie. Black leather and nylon webbing about 2cm in length with a grommet in the middle is attached to a cheap Casio watch. A spring tensioned key holder is attached to the fob on one end. There is a small biner on the key carrier. She'll attach the biner to her pants belt loop.

Sun, rain and tiny hail this afternoon at the greenway. mnpls mn

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