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It's OK everyone, we found The Datas. Let's just say we had to look under a lot of couch cushions

I was 10 minutes into this talk about the Zig programming language 6 months ago when my brain totally expelled all knowledge of the (very interesting!) language and creator. Glad I stumbled across the link again!

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Oooh, look who gets to help recover from Big Nasty Data Loss for Important Clients today 😬

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I mean it pretty much looks the same in photos but I’m done with the big heavy power tools!

Moving from phase one “grind the hell out of that old finish” to phase two “make it pretty”

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today on my way home I rode my bicycle through this alley turned golden by autumn leaves, everything glowing in warm yellow colors in the sunlight. #mastobikes

Free idea: a service where you enter your email address and precinct and it emails you finalized results for every race that was on your ballot

And fucking SHOUT OUT to everyone who worked for Walz/Flanagan, Tina Smith, Angie Craig, Dean Philips, Dave Hutch, Trista MatasCastillo, Angela Conley etc etc etc 🤘🏻. This is a life long fight but it feels good to mark down some wins

Shout out to my hiking boots for carrying me up to many many doors yesterday and not leaving me with blisters

Shout out to Amia, 18, first time voter in St Paul, who when I came to the door went back inside and leaned on her dad to take her to the polls. Didn’t get to see the results but I’ll bet she cast her first ballot last night

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