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If anyone's looking for some solid Wednesday night Turf Club punk rock, my friend's band is opening up this show:

Now taking bets whether I'll make it through the headliner 😴

Etiquette Q: could someone give me a little background on CW tagging selfies/eye contact?

I first thought that last boost said "Violent Eggplant" which is the name of my new vegan punk band

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Dog sitting tonight, Yuri wants to know when dinner time is

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Had a nice time hanging out with my charming new internet friends last night. Thanks @kevinflo for proving that federation works!

I'm currently waiting in a car dealership with multiple TVs going with political ads which is overall terrible, but shout out to Angie Craig for playing Settlers of Catan in one of her TV ads

My dad wrote a biomechanics textbook so I am now an illustration of the (relatively very low) knee strain involved in cycling

Just saw a rogue scoot scoot in St. Louis Park.

Our conference rooms are named after nearby lakes, so my watch just notified me that I better get going now if I'm going to make my 9:30 meeting in Lake Minnetonka

Cilantro is the glitter of food

This post is to brag to twitter users about all the sweet custom emoji we have on

:flag_mpls: :flag_stp: 🦆 🦆 :grayduck: :gayduck: :transit: :greenway: :mnrg: :loslynx: :first: :fairchild: :hotboi: :heart_bi: :heart_trans: :heart_pride: :ivoted: :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble: :oh_yeah: :spoonbridge:

:objection_1: :objection_2: :objection_3:

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Hey Nerds, check out the latest 99% Invisible episode/blog post with shout outs to the Midtown Exchange and Greenway :greenway:

Today was the official start of light-up leash season

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