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A re- :

Hi! I'm Ryan, people call me Wally or Fire Wally, He/Him.

I like riding and post a bit about bike maintenance, have a cute and . Interested in politics in the , and - adjacent. Sometimes do a bit of or

Professionally I work in the sector on a webapp, and are neat.

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Thanks to all with #BandcampFriday suggestions! Here's mine for those who don't lnoe Dominique Fils-Aimé yet:

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It’s only BRT if it’s from the dedicated lane region, otherwise it’s just sparkling bus.

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:boostRequest: the company i work for is hiring a project manager. i’ve been here a little over four years, and i have very few (if any?) complaints about working for nmc. local preferred, but not necessary. this time zone (eastern) highly preferred.

#hiring #hiringAlert #hiringNow #getFediHired

Playing around with self-hosted music streaming again and Navidrome's "Random Albums" view is exactly what I've wanted out of every music player since like... MusicMatch Jukebox. My dumb brain wants an album but can't decide which! Thank you!

Wordle 531 

Wordle 531 4/6


Let's hope the quick wordle is portentious of the tricky code problem I need to solve today

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There are a few things about the Mastodon advanced web interface I thought could be a little nicer, so I built a set of user styles for myself. Maybe you’ll like them too? 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you use Stylus (or another way to apply custom styles to specific websites), you can copy and paste the CSS from this gist:

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Spotify Wrapped 

You'd think after however many years of doing this they'd fix something so my "Top 5 songs" aren't just the first 5 tracks on an album I really liked.

"Lucifer on the Sofa" was a good album though!


Not usually much of a "black friday deals" guy, but the company that made my Good Hoodie offered a substantial discount if I bought 2 so now I have 3 Good Hoodies, which seems sensible enough

Episode Length Hot Takes 

There are functionally 4 categories: 22, 30, 43, 60 minutes.

You don't have to end on the dot like on broadcast TV but I think shows are better when they stick in their category

Particularly, double-long episodes of dramas are annoying and usually of no benefit

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The proliferation of streaming formats has given me a surprisingly strong set of opinions about the proper length of an episode of a "TV Show"

"Wednesday" on Netflix 

@alex I can't find the post right now but I referenced your "Gomez should be hot" take while we started up the show, and 10 minutes in my wife interjects "Yeah, Gomez should be hot"

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My department at the Met Council is hiring 2 positions in our new Product Design and Strategy team: Data Visualization Specialist and Outcomes Measurement Researcher! Salary ranges on posts. Unionized positions w/ AFSCME. Hybrid eligible, but staff must live in MN or WI.

Full posts:

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Wordle 529 

Wordle 529 4/6


Feels like my "time spent vs. number of guesses" chart would be a totally random plot

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tonight's a good night to climb mount 'to-be-read', it will literally be a dark and stormy night here. (featuring @naomikritzer )

Wordle 528 

Wordle 528 4/6


What is work?!

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