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Hi! I'm Ryan, people call me Wally or Fire Wally, He/Him.

I like riding and post a bit about bike maintenance, have a cute and . Interested in politics in the , and - adjacent. Sometimes do a bit of or

Professionally I work in the sector on a webapp, and are neat.

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Minneapolis folks, I am planning on hosting a free workshop on how to to make a website from scratch. (HTML and CSS)

The workshop is meant to be for folks who have never done it before, but experts are welcome too!

Check out more details and mark times you would be available @

Also, plz boost if you are in the area. Thanks 🧑

Food 🫘 

Texans call this β€œTexas Caviar”, somewhere between a salsa and a salad served with tortilla chips; it’s an excellent addition to a casual backyard hang by the fire 🀠

Wordle 373 

Wordle 373 4/6


Seeing that last grey letter on guess 3: quite annoying!

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Just drove by a sign advertising a new taco place on Snelling and chanted New! Taco! Place! on Snelling! in the car, by myself, tapping along on the steering wheel

Wordle 371 

Wordle 371 4/6


Moved the wi-fi router to the basement for much better wordle performance from my office

Wordle 370 

Wordle 370 3/6


Another where I had the correct answer typed out on guess 2 and changed my mind 😩

I’ve lived adjacent for a decade and I still don’t really know what the β€œMississippi National River and Recreation Area”… is?

Anyway, no fires and dogs must be kept on leash. On authority of… someone, I guess

Covid Griping 

I don't think I have read a single piece of punditry or analysis in the last 2+ years that is willing to defend the position "The FDA is good at its job"

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Covid Griping 

Very excited for the FDA to possibly convene a committee to consider scheduling a meeting about these critical lifesaving vaccines some time in the next 22 months

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It's the second-most exciting day in the today! Mid-morning found Arthur in a "j" and Ivan starting to pupate! Two hours later and they were both in chrysalis form! Now it's a matter of waiting until they (hopefully) emerge as butterflies!

This is it! Now we wait.

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A FedEx plane also flew directly overhead while I was on the Hwy 55 bridge, quite an eventful bike ride this morning!

Good morning especially to the gentleman creating an oil painting along the bike trail in Lilydale this morning

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Wordle 369 

Wordle 369 4/6


Kinda looks like a rocket ship πŸš€

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I am really glad when people add alt text to images on Mastodon.

My internet is so damn slow, that images never really load (i turn them off anyway), but at least I can get a sense of what it is from the text ^____^.

Actorle 98 Spoiler 

Apparently one of my hidden talents is "naming actors who are exactly 54 years old"

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Actorle 98 3/8

Holy shit, I got one!

Play here:

Wordle 368 

Wordle 368 2/6


Still satisfying

Wordle 367, Minor spoilers 

Wordle 367 5/6


An ironic result!

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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