Today’s ride report: shout out to the 2 bros on longboards rolling down Shepard road while maintaining the recommended 6ft of distance 🤙🏻

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oh shit it's the due date for feedback on ayd mill road let's fill out that form :flag_stp:

I went to the shop for a few things to spruce up my new house and I accidentally designed a middle-eastern restaurant

Today’s ride: climbed over some of my favorite bridges, plus the wild woods of Lilydale

Today’s ride: didn’t get a picture, but I think it may have actually been my first time riding across the Stone Arch Bridge. There were probably a few more people on there than ideal for social distancing, but the views were pleasant as always

Also, the cities need to ban cars on both river roads immediately during the stay-at-home order

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Tea Suggestions 🍵, Coupon 

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Tea Suggestions 🍵 

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MSP social: Where we have Opinions about tea.

I love you folks!

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Bike Tools! I had the hardest time finding a tool storage solution that

1) Fit a hand pump, not just a Co2 inflator
2) Could be attached to a bike without a bag for a quick ride
3) Could also be thrown in a pannier for commuting or a longer trip

But this handly little "Tool Capsule" from amazon is just what I needed

Today’s ride: This blobby friend really captures the mood that a lot of us are going through right now
:blobsweats: :blobwaitwhat:

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Local (Minneapolis) Action:

In light of Social Distancing measures as recommended by the CDC and all levels of Government, a petition has been started to turn some of the vehicle space on the parkways to recreational space for the increased levels of people being outside.

I know the trails are less pleasant now than they are in summer.

Please sign.
Write an email if so compelled as well.

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