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It bums me out that so many modern superhero movies are just “good guy beats bad guy with punching”. At its best, the genre should use the spectacle and broad themes to tell us something about ourselves: X-Men as an allegory to the civil rights movement, Batman showing us complex moral trade-offs, Black Panther giving us an alternate view of Africa full of dignity and power

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Super cool that every listing of batteries on amazon is filled with reviewers who received counterfeit goods.

I was gonna add “lol capitalism” but now I’m actually curious what a solution would be. Higher fines/tighter enforcement? Reshape Amazon into a worker co-op (empower regular employees to reshape policy)? Nationalize manufacture of key consumer goods like batteries? What ya got for me, lefties?

It’s 5:16 AM and there’s a smoke alarm that needs new batteries. Guess I’m just going to die of madness here in bed, it was nice knowing everyone

I’ve probably biked by this church a dozen times but walking with 🐶 at twilight is the first time I noticed it’s got such baller stained glass windows

Decided that I don’t care for single-issue comics so I’m distributing my stash among the local little free libraries. Started by dropping a few Lumberjanes on Snelling

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This is the best style of bike rack do not argue about this

Trying to work out the logistics of bringing the car to the shop and pets to the vet on the same work-from-home day. I think I may have a real-world application of the Wolf/Goat/Cabbage riddle

The last time Jessie and I had this much fun with a game was Pixeljunk Monsters on the PS3. You can pick up the controls in 15 seconds but the levels are engaging and the hard ones will really twist your noodle

Hey pals, if you have access to a and a friend, you gotta try Conduct Together. Wildly fun puzzle solving for two, with trains! 🚋 🚆 🛤️

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I could have asked her, even offered to pay her a princely sum to bring back this artifact from her travels

I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire the official lighter of the McMurdo Research Base of the United States Antarctica Program and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW.

I will be haunted with this knowledge the rest of my life

You might ask, "Why would you call that horrible? It seems like a delightful artifact"

I KNOW! The existence of such an artifact delights and captivates me! The ~horrible~ thing is that a cousin of mine has *been stationed* at the McMurdo research base. She has (presumably) set foot in that gift shop!

I learned something horrible recently: The McMurdo research base in Antarctica has a gift shop, and at that gift shop one can acquire an official US Antarctica Program Zippo Lighter

(From Maciej Cegłowski )

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Looks like Walgreens is really making some strides in anti-facial-recognition tech (eye contact)

Middle-of-the-road proposal: tax gasoline up to $5.00/gal, use the extra revenue to expand bus service and eliminate all fares on transit

We're already seeing the harmful effects of climate change beginning and newspapers still report on low gas prices like it's good news 🙃 :blobfacepalm:

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