Someone re-write Cake's obtuse deep cut "Mr Mastodon Farm" to be about the admin of a fediverse instance dedicated to tractor hacking

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@firewally "The man is a free swinger who seems to hit the ball wherever it’s thrown. Back in spring training, a batting practice pitcher was messing with him, throwing farther and farther outside. Astudillo kept making contact.

Then he threw inside, closer and closer. Same thing: Astudillo made contact. Finally, the pitcher tossed a ball behind Astudillo, who turned and whacked it with an axe stroke."


Willians Astudillo got a big feature in CityPages, of interest to @Pixley and anyone else who appreciates a guy who:

* Plays every position
* Swings at everything
* Hits more than he should
* Runs his ass off
* Embodies the true spirit of baseball

(CW: Borderline fatphobia)

@distel hey IDK if you’re a soccer/fussball fan but I got to see Hertha play a friendly against Minnesota United last night and it was a super fun match! Congrats, y’all won 1-0

Metro Transit tip: the best way to pay is definitely the iOS app because you get this adorable animation when you activate your ticket :transit: 🚌 🚇 🚊

The most recent episode is a documentary about Claude Shannon with no website that "premieres later this month at the World Science Festival in NYC "

See also: every crowd-funded documentary


Filmmaker: I made a movie!

Me: OK!

Filmmaker: Here is the trailer

Me: Oooh! Interesting! When and how can I see it?

Filmmaker: Who knows? Fuck You!

Rainy walks expose the little spots on Ada’s snoot. (I promise she had a good time out today, contrary to her nonplussed expression )

Most side projects die at the hands of $DayJob and my 1000 other hobbies, but I'm pretty excited about this one

Dug into a coding side project (masto-related) for the first time in a while and actually made enough progress this weekend that it feels like it might... happen? Like I might actually finish something?

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we talked about cribbage for like two days and somehow this never came up

Y'all probably listen to 99% Invisible already but this history of squirrels in American cities was fascinating and delightful:

but I'd argue that the discussion about feeding squirrels does not consider @earthtopus ' special relationship with his backyard pals

Seriously, I can't help but seeing those "Were a Proud St. Minnethomas Acadaschool Family" and reading it internally as "My Children All Deserve Wedgies", which is probably not very generous of me

Either this is an absurdist satire of the "We support [private school]" signs ubiquitous in my neighborhood, or someone just really loves pizza.

Either way, I approve 🍕

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