Probably my worst commuting day of the year on the "drivers almost murdering me" scale. Minneapolis needs it's car privileges taken away until it learns to behave :bancars:

Calling Apple Support about a thing.

"Apple offers a choice of hold music... if you prefer to wait in silence, press 4"

That's some good good shit right there.

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Saw the Downton Abbey movie yesterday and the best part might have been the Alamo Drafthouse's hilariously snarky recap of the entire series during the pre-roll. (The movie itself was exactly the kind of wholesome fun you'd expect)

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Been seeing this little friend around town a bunch lately. Don’t know where they come from but I dig their vibe

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Hi fediverse, I'm experimenting with a photography-focused alt, so expect this account to mostly just mirror my instragram photos (thanks 😸 ). Follow here if you want to see more photos from me (will include food, animals, and eye contact without CW)

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Shout out to everyone I see biking home in scrubs, chef jackets, safety vests, and other signs that you just finished a hard day of work on your feet. Thank you for your labor, and for biking!

Shout out to the cyclist with a full-size dog carrier strapped to their rear rack. Hope your pet is OK and enjoying the ride!

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'Cause you can't, you won't, and you don't stop (biking)

'Cause you can't, you won't, and you don't stop (needing safe infrastructure)

Pelham bike lane:

✅ Gets me across 94
✅ Bollard Protected
✅ Puts the Beastie Boys “Sure Shot” in my head every time

(Well it's the taking of the Pelham 1, 2, 3
If you want a doody rhyme, then come see me...)

If you brought 5th-grade-me forward in time to 2019 internet culture, he'd be confused about pretty much everything until someone posted an occurrence of the number 69 and everyone else went "nice"

ZMan Games makes board games based on Choose Your Own Adventure novels and they are very cool and fun. You cooperatively play through the novel by taking turns reading cards and deciding on next actions as a group. Very fun and easy to get into

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