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Hey friends, I finished recapping all the St. Paul City Council races, here's a page you can share with all your St. Paul Pals with all of my recommendations plus links to more useful resources:

Cyclist Death, Call to action 

NOTE: the city is looking for feedback between now and December 21. If you want to see a more inclusive array of features in Highland Park (instead of 9 holes of golf), now is a great time to let the city know

This is a concept drawing from the "Visioning" process for the Highland Park 9 hole course in St. Paul

But like, think of all the cool shit we could get by bulldozing *an entire* golf course. Or, stay with me, *all* the urban golf courses

Y'all, look at all the cool shit we could get by bulldozing just *one half* of a golf course:

Last boost: Hi that's my mayor and he's fucking great.

(context: St. Paul declined to purchase "shot spotter" surveillance tech and there has been some controversy)

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If you've ever been offended by how full of shit Dai Thao is, Mayor Carter struck a blow for truth and justice yesterday.

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I think trying to figure someone out is useful and good in so far as to be able to accomodate them and their needs but that doesn't detract or negate the sentiment

It's tempting to think of the problems of FB/Twitter/Instagram stemming from the folks in charge being evil, but I think the reality is much more mundane: it's impossible to make a profitable general-interest social network without resorting to shitty manipulation tactics

I think this is an interesting experiment, but personally I don't see the point in a new alt-social network that

🙅 Isn't open source
🙅 Doesn't support ActivityPub
🙅 Is controlled by a for-profit company (no matter how well-intentioned its founders are)

out-of-context panel from Watchmen (1986) 

Please enjoy these photos of a very chonky squirrel that was hanging around in my maple tree

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Today in Turkeys That Look Like Someone’s Yard Decorations But Are In Fact Actual Turkeys #🦃

@lawremipsum @kyleislikekyle @Jennybellium Got some video of the Grand Ave bike lanes today. I used a handlebar mount but the video is a shakier than I'd prefer. iMovie totally choked on it but you might be able to stabilize it with the right tools.

Eastbound, includes me yelling at a car:


St. Paul Trash shitpost, Yelling 

food, recipe suggestion 

Alright. Studded tires installed, new chain in place, rear rack secured, fenders are holding themselves on somehow. Winter snuck up on me for the first round, but damned if I’m gonna let that fucker get another one over on me

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ok I am breaking my rule about only posting baby pictures on my dad alt because fuck, holy shit, this kid, what (boosts yes) 

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