Super cool that the Greenway was also closed off today and those detour signs *also* led to a dead end. Really love too share the road as a fellow road user 🚲 😩

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Made the best of an irritating trail detour through downtown today. I'm going to back to the :greenway: route tomorrow, but in the mean time, here's a Spoonbridge and Cherry :spoonbridge: :brooster:

It’s hot out across most of the US today, Ada would like to remind everyone to drink plenty of water and know your limits for any outdoor activity


Lizard you've seen changes from brown to green that's...


I'm really happy when the trans/nonbinary/transitioning folks in my life post selfies. It's a joy to see y'all be so much more comfortable in your own skin, and it helps my dumb brain adjust to your new pronouns/presentation. Thanks, and please keep selfie-ing however and whenever you like. 🤳

Courtney Barnett is good at music

"I wanna walk through the park in the dark". Such a simple and evocative demand

I dunno who *you* sinners are fishing with, but *my* fishing buddy? Well my fishing buddy is Jesus Christ ✝️ 🎣

Goodness these dudes go fast. 26/27mph sustained over 5 hours through the fucking mountains. And then they get up and do it again the next day.

For reference, when my 45-minute commute averages better than 15mph I think "ooh, I was fast today!"

I'm not usually a big Tour de France guy, but this analysis of pros who run Strava is cool:

Pretty baller move to record a stage of the TdF and leave the default Strava description "Lunch Ride" 😎

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The short answer is there is no short answer, but if you're designing a strategy game tech tree "Bicycles" probably comes after "Vulcanized Rubber" and "Level 2 Metalworking"

While I'm on a bike kick today, here's a good overview of the early pre-history of the bicycle, asking "Why Did We Wait So Long?"

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Alan Turing - the face of the new £50 note.

It’s too little and too late, of course, to make up for the horrendous way that Turing was treated by the establishment. But it’s a good thing.

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