Party on the objective! Who’s in?

(Thank you $1 “discounted cereals” bin at HyVee)

I suppose I should have CW'd this "food" but I mean is it? Is it really?

@firewally amazing. they literally made the tie-in breakfast cereal. wow

@t54r4n1 Review: nice crunch with a pleasant hit of vanilla and a horribly cloying aftertaste. I wouldn't, like, buy another box but I'll probably finish this one

@firewally is the objective a BALANCED BREAKFAST? If so, yes.

Meta, CWs, food Show more

Meta, CWs, food Show more

@firewally oiooooh my gosh. Which HyVee? I have a Lucio main who NEEEEDDSSS this

@firewally we've actually been looking for it for a while with no success!

@hfrazey It's probably not going to help you much because I found it in Madison! I'm happy to share the box and/or the rest of the cereal if your household is interested though!

@firewally oooh that would be fantastic. I will pay you. a taste of cereal is all we need, I am sure you don't want to miss a bowlful of that deliciousness.

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