The idea that folks will drive to the 'burbs to save 5c on a plastic bag is bad, but bad in a way that's instructive, I think, in how some folks think of the city - I call it my "Middle Bloomington" theory

I don't think it's a stretch to say that the suburbs around the Twin Cities are very similar in culture, land use, and the design of the built environment: You've got Bloomington, North Bloomington (Roseville), East Bloomington (Woodbury), Southwest Bloomington (Eden Prairie), etc.

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Us in the YIMBY/Bike-ped-activist/Concerned-about-climate crowd like Minneapolis (and also St. Paul?) for being denser, more connected, more mixed-use, easier to navigate by bike or feet.

But there's another group of people who live or work in Minneapolis who think of it as "Middle Bloomington". Just like all the other Bloomingtons, but in the middle

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If Minneapolis is just Middle Bloomington, then it makes sense that a higher minimum wage or a plastic bag surcharge would drive business to the other Bloomingtons.

I think this is the same thinking behind Midway Books being anti-Light-Rail or the Acme Comedy Club going bonkers over losing the parking lot across the street. Those businesses aren't in [Mpls/Stp], they're in Middle Bloomington

Ultimately, Minneapolis can't be both a Real City™️ *and* Middle Bloomington, which is why it's important to continually make the case that connected cities are valuable both for their residents and for the future of human civilization.

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This article reminds me that the Middle Bloomington crowd will also dress up their arguments in quasi-environmentalist terms: arguing for nebulous "green space" or worrying about "increased traffic" of denser development.

The unstated assumption is that if Minneapolis doesn't build homes for folks who want to move here, those people will instead disappear into thin air

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@firewally this is fucking enlightening. middle bloomington-ism is realllll.

@firewally this is incisive and rings true. There is a real and often vocal business contingent in the core cities that seem to resent the fact of their chosen location for conducting business—in a city.

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