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Here's what a school lunch program should look like

1. Give the kids lunch
2. That's it!
3. Literally why would you prevent a child from eating because they don't have money

It's such a fucking farce in the first place, not like that third-grader is working overnights at FedEx to afford lunch - you are charging their *parents*.

And we already have a sophisticated system of having adults pay to educate our children. We call it "taxes"

If I had to schedule a 12:00 meeting with my coworkers (all highly-paid professionals), I'd make sure it's catered because it's rude to expect people to focus when they're hungry.

Baffling to me that we don't extend the same courtesy to children

@firewally you know what’s really fucked up? We didn’t have a federal mandate for school lunch programs until the National School Lunch Act of 1946, which was passed not because of the affect of food insecurity on mental health, physical health, and ability to learn, but because it was found that poor nutrition in childhood reduced the number of draftable young men for WW2.

@firewally school lunch programs are expected to be "self sufficient" or some bs. school lunch programs deserve more funding and to not be treated like dumping grounds for overproduced corporate food.

@firewally Hell, give the kids breakfast, too. Chances are they aren't getting at home.


That's a good joke for a dog.

Who's going to make breakfast at home when both parents are working and must scramble to get their kids to school (which usually starts between 7:00am and 8:30am) before getting themselves to work?


@firewally In our state, every kid eats free. Every one of them. It’s awesome. And during the summer they still serve breakfast and lunch for anyone that comes. It’s a new thing and it’s so great.

@firewally South Carolina! Since over half the state was already free/reduced, they just got rid of paying for it altogether.

@firewally neoliberalism always cooking up the genius idea to address the problem of not having enough by ensuring they have less

@firewally sad that those children chose not to participate in the economy. its like they never developed a respectable work ethic

@firewally @amydentata this is exactly how the black panthers did it but for breakfast.

@firewally Before we moved away, the Columbia, Missouri newspaper printed a letter to the editor in which someone made the argument "Perhaps a little bit of hunger will encourage the child to work harder than their parents have." It still haunts me that this person exists.

@firewally you’re telling me they got nine months in the womb to think about how to plan their finances and didn’t take advantage if that valuable time? starving them will surely send the right message!

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