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Here's what a school lunch program should look like

1. Give the kids lunch
2. That's it!
3. Literally why would you prevent a child from eating because they don't have money

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It's such a fucking farce in the first place, not like that third-grader is working overnights at FedEx to afford lunch - you are charging their *parents*.

And we already have a sophisticated system of having adults pay to educate our children. We call it "taxes"

If I had to schedule a 12:00 meeting with my coworkers (all highly-paid professionals), I'd make sure it's catered because it's rude to expect people to focus when they're hungry.

Baffling to me that we don't extend the same courtesy to children

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@firewally you know what’s really fucked up? We didn’t have a federal mandate for school lunch programs until the National School Lunch Act of 1946, which was passed not because of the affect of food insecurity on mental health, physical health, and ability to learn, but because it was found that poor nutrition in childhood reduced the number of draftable young men for WW2.

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