Either this is an absurdist satire of the "We support [private school]" signs ubiquitous in my neighborhood, or someone just really loves pizza.

Either way, I approve 🍕

Seriously, I can't help but seeing those "Were a Proud St. Minnethomas Acadaschool Family" and reading it internally as "My Children All Deserve Wedgies", which is probably not very generous of me

@firewally i, too, want yard signs for all my food loves.

"Another Mom for Americone Dream"

"Cheetos 2020"

"Donuts Literally Anytime"


All Sandwiches Are Welcome Here
🥟 🥙 🌯 🥪

@firewally Neighborhood Watch Me Eat This Whole Carton of Oreos

@June Save Our Historic Saint Paul Diners.

Wait, it got too real

@firewally 13/10, I would definitely have a "This Household Supports Young Joni And All Other Ann Kim Restaurants" outside my apartment

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