Fizzy Water Fans: If, hypothetically, you owned a Carbonating Device from a Popular At-Home Fizzy Beverages Company that has, at times, been "somewhat to extremely problematic", I am here to tell you that this company in Wisconsin will refill your CO2 canisters by mail:

Update on my favorite alternative to the Popular At-Home Fizzy Beverages Company: they now make their own carbonation device in addition to refilling CO2 canisters by mail

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@firewally oooo is this a non zionist soda machine company? Do they make the machine as well or just refills?

@mohini It's a small company in Green Bay, WI that has no affiliation with SodaStream/Pepsi, but I don't know anything about the owners' politics. As of right now, they just make CO2 canisters and provide the refill service

@firewally That's rad! I built myself a home carbonation rig 'cause I didn't want to play Popular At-Home Fizzy Beverage Company's game, but I'm glad to know this alternative exists.
@spencer @hypolite @firewally Hooked a pressure regulator, tube, and carbonator cap and valve to a CO2 tank. I can fill the CO2 up for about $5 at a local paintball place. But I haven't had to since building it a year and a half ago--the tank is plenty large!

This article by Popular Science has more details on how to make one.
@hypolite @firewally @spencer This is positively awesome. You get to have gauges and knobs. Gauges and knobs!

@firewally if you already have one this might make sense. But the refills are still $20 for two small tanks. 5lb of food grade CO2 refill runs $20 at the welding supply shop and charges over 60 gallons. It's not by mail, but it is a local business.

A 5lb CO2 cylinder and a regulator can be obtained from the welding supply store for around $275. Another $25 to pick up a carbonator cap from a brewing supply shop. Watch what the regulator can go to; I like 60psi and some top out at that.

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